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Thread: Full Moon, Big Bones

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    I just got this letter and Christmas Island pictures from Sugita Munetsugu. He fished CI the first week of February on his way home to Japan from Texas. Now my son is all excited and ready for his CI trip in June.Aloha,StanHi Stan, Here is story.Weather was not good all week and windy.I caught a 40 pound GT on first day but line was broken by coral but I caught lots of small GT all week. Big bone make school after full moon so I tried to catch them on last 3 days.Average was 6-8 pound include 10 pound and average number of fish I catch was more than 10 in the morning and quit in afternoon every day. Some time, Rain get hard so I went back to hotel early or change to GT fishing from boat.I almost hook 80 pound GT by drifting boat on edge of reef but finally caught 60 pound on double hook deceiver. Here are pictures. I hope you like it!Sugita

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    Holy moly, those are sweet fish.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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