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Thread: combo rod fans?

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    Default combo rod fans?

    Hey Folx,
    I've got a rod that works really well as a combo spin/fly rod and I was just wondering if any others use such a tool.

    Mine is built from a 7.5' GL2 spinning blank. Its probably a "medium" action, but has a really stout butt section. I suppose its what Loomis calls a "Popping Rod". I put a grip on it with sliding rings so either reel position can be used. It casts an 8wt line really well with hauling. It's not my primary salt rod, but rather just my preferred spinning rod. I can keep a fly reel and flies with me in case I wade up on a flat thats full of reds.

    I just wanted to see if anyone out there fishes a similar rod or fishes a similar blank as a fly rod. Anybody?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I, too, carry a combo rod with me almost all of the time. It's a little Orvis 7-foot combo that breaks down into a neat 23-inch package. It's rated for a 5-weight line; however, when I'm in the salt, I use it exclusively with shooting headzs, home fabricated I might add.

    As a spinning rod, it is more that adequate as long as the line is held to around 8-lb. test ... but that's alright because I rig a 12 to 14-lb. test bite/shock tippet in front of the 8.

    I've been very pleased with this rig, especially when the purpose of the trip was not to go fishing...


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    Default Re: combo rod fans?

    I've had an old Fenwick glass pack rod Spin / Fly . for a long time. It's been around the world a few times because I 've loaned it out to some traveling buddies who've snuck it in their suitcase without their wives knowing. I've only used it a few times but with the interest about glass rods I rigged it up & put a 6 wt. line on it this summer & it works well enough to keep under the carseat for those Fishing emergencies. I dug out my old Mitchel Garcia reel & put some 6 # line on it but haven't had a chance to use it for spinfishing yet.

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