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Thread: New to salt

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    Default Re: New to salt

    Don't worry about your shoulder when fly-fishing for Marlin you don't normally do any casting. The captain will run your fly behind the boat and bring the fish up to the surface with teasers. Actually trying to cast that 15 wt from a boat would have your shoulder in a sling in no time.
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: New to salt

    That 15 wt looks like something that would sit atop the wall of a castle and use counterweights to sling rocks at enemies... Sit a 1wt or some other ultra-light next to the 12, just for the full ridiculous comparison
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Yes, that's how I see all the big boats doing it in videos. I got three sails last winter fishing with my buddy Capt. Applegate, the guy who gave me that rod. I was using the 12 and convinced him to break off the teasing at a distnce so I could cast to the sails, more like real fly fishing. It is a whole lot of fun that way, but to use poppers requires a real short head.

    The way I see them doing it in the videos is more like fishing for chummed up mangrove snappers with a spinning rod than fly fishing. So I feel as much like Ard does about it as he does himself, though I have to give him some guff about it.

    Gator, that rod was made years ago by a local guy (Randy Towe) for someone tryihg to break the bluefin tuna fly record. Apple says it's IGFA compliant but that Randy estimated it at a 20 or 21 wt. Being graphite, it is considerably stiffer than my old Fenwick planer rod which has all roller bearing guides, machined aluminum butt section , and a reel loaded with 120 lb dacron trollling braid!!!

    I'm going to call Sandy Moret's shop and see if he has a 15wt head in stock, and gingerly try to throw it two handed. The other issue is that the biggest reel I have is a Gulfstream loaded with 450 yds of 60 lb gelspun. Most of the guys use the Pacific or equilavent from what I understand.

    Anyhow, it is a real treat to watch sailfish slashing around after a teaser, then heading for your popper, and I can imagine marlin will require a triple dose of blood pressure pills before starting.

    Sept 11th, 12th is our date, weather permitting.


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    Default Re: New to salt

    To the original question, I have to agree with peregrines suggestion of at least an 8 wt. Here in MD, I've landed numerous Striped Bass, up to 30 inches on a 6 wt, hooked while fishing for smaller fish, and that light rod was fine. Striper's are strong fish, but don't make the blistering long runs that many of the species you'll find in Florida are known for. Up here, I generally use an 8, 9 or 10 wt for the majority of the fishing I do, when targeting the larger Chesapeake Bay tidal water species, and primarily because of wind & the size flies I throw.

    An 8 wt will give you much more control over not only your line & flies when you encounter windy conditions, but more so over larger & possibly speedy species that you may find attached to your fly than any 6 wt could! The 6 wt will very much limit your options of fly size under such conditions!

    To add to the list of recommended brands, you may be interested in checking out Colton fly rods. Although I have no first hand experience with them, they have a large following among Northeast coastal saltwater anglers, and I've read many great reviews on them,(from actual anglers) including several about how well they handled fish in Florida waters, including large Tarpon. I have yet to hear of anything negative about them, plus the prices are very reasonable! Colton will likely be my next serious rod purchase!

    My current saltwater rod brands consist of TFO, Diamondback, and I've just purchased 2 Redington Crosswater 9 wt's, (one for my son, the other as a back-up, couldn't pass up the price ) which are all more than adequate for the bay species I usually encounter, even the occasional Spanish Mackeral!

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    Hey BigJim, thanks for the head's up on Colton rods. I like their philosophy and I've read quite a few stellar reviews online. I'm going to make my first saltwater rod a #8 from them.

    I also appreciate everyone's input. Looks like a lot of good info on this forum and I'll be coming back as I'll be starting up the steep part of the learning curve as soon as I get home.


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    You're welcome! That's my attitude too! I also like their philosophy! From what I've read, if you need to discuss options, just call them & the owner, Robert Filger will talk to you about what they offer. I like dealing direct & talking to the owner makes me feel like they care about their products & more importantly, their customers! I'm very impressed with Colton!

    Let us know what you buy & how you like it after you've fished it a bit!

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    Already know the answer to one of those- my #8 Tradewinds rod and CRGII reel are on their way!

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