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bhflyfisher 08-30-2011 08:16 PM

Sea trout set-up?
Hey guys, couple of questions to ask.

Our house in florida is in bonita springs,

Just by dumb luck and experimentation i have found a good spot where the imperial river goes into the ocean, and found some decent 16-20" fish available. I'm fishing an 8 weight with a saltwater sink tip line and seem to do alright. I was fishing a river/estuary, but this was in march. There was also some spanish mackerel hanging around that i was having some fun with.

Now that we're having a family christmas in florida, im just wondering what should i be doing for december? I plan to fish hard every morning during the incoming or out going tide.

Will the fish have moved out? Or will they still be there? What about reds? Will they move into that area in the winter, or what should i be looking for. There's also plenty of beach to fish as well. What is suitable for leader? They have a some fangs, so im just wondering if i need a bite leader, or can i get away with straight 15lb mono.

Thanks in advance guys, just another noob looking for answers!

gatortransplant 08-30-2011 08:28 PM

Re: Sea trout set-up?
Most my experience fishing in Florida has been with a spinning reel. Outside of tarpon, I've never needed more than a 20lb mono or fluoro leader (I don't do a lot of deep sea or shark fishing). In December, pompano are an option, at least on the west coast near the tampa area. Sheepshead are also fun if there is good structure around. Redfish are pretty much always around if you know where to look. Snook get a little iffy toward december but I've been able to catch them year-round. Basically, you'll always be able to catch a good number of fish of different species in December in FL, even in-shore. If you can, try to find some pompano, they're real fun! The reds will still be there too, so I'd say be ready for anything. As far as what to use, I'm brand new to fly fishing so I can't help a whole lot!

peregrines 09-01-2011 02:08 PM

Re: Sea trout set-up?
Bh- Local guys can give you a better idea about what fish to expect-- and of course a lot will depend on weather too--- but it sounds like you found a great spot-- and it's probably a great spot because of the structure that it offers, so hit it hard-- as gator says there will likely be some fish around, and it may hold some--- and that could be anything--- reds, specs, or snook, but also stuff like jacks (jack crevalle), ladyfish and snappers.

You shouldn't need a bite tippet for reds-- your 15lb mono should be fine, but you might also want to carry something like a pack of 30 or 40lb Hard Monofilament from Mason or Maxima to use as a bite tippet for stuff like snook etc if you run into them. Mason is sold in 10 yard coils for around $3, Maxima in 27 yd coils for $7. If you can't find a fly shop while you're down there, often bait and tackle shops will carry it too.

I'm sure some of our FL locals could give you more advice on what to expect and where to look when you're down there.

gatortransplant 09-01-2011 02:19 PM

Re: Sea trout set-up?
If you want to take a bit of a drive, I'll be just north of you at the parents' house in Sarasota around Christmas time. I don't know the Bonita Springs area all that well but I do know that there is good fishing to be had all along the West Coast so you shouldn't run out of bites from a number of species where you're fishing, especially if you're fishing in the mornings and hitting the tide right! And as Mark said, if you're targeting Snook, which you should definitely do at least once, use a little heavier leader because they do tend to abrade the line more heavily than reds because of their gill-plates and such.

bhflyfisher 09-04-2011 12:37 AM

Re: Sea trout set-up?
I gave snook fishing a try once with a guide, had a few shots include one that was a huge fish. I blew every single shot except that huge fish. I put it down perfectly and he just stared and looked at it, and didn't eat.

I've got tons of bite leaders left over. Lots of 30-60 pound stuff. This is pretty much my nearest area because its about a 5 minute drive from the place and a 10 minute walk down the beach.

I hope i'll be able to locate some fish, otherwise i'll spend my time double hauling in the surf!

gatortransplant 09-04-2011 12:20 PM

Re: Sea trout set-up?
If you have the opportunity, I bet you can rent a kayak for pretty cheap. Kayaks are ideal for hitting the trout flats and finding tailing reds, while also allowing you to get in among the mangroves for snook. If there are rock piles along channels near where you will be, that is where I've had luck with pompano, and if you can get casts at dock pilings, you may pull a sheepshead away from their usual barnacle meal!

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