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    I am heading on vacation to Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle, NC this summer and was wondering if anyone knew of any fly fishing opportunities or locations around the area and the quality of fishing in the area? Thanks for any input or help.

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    I have never fished that area, but it looks like it should have some good fishing. You'll likely want to take at least an 8wt, and throw size 2 chartreuse and white clousers. There should be some redfish and speckled trout around at that time. Pay attention to the tides and spend your time fishing during the "peak" of the tides, both rising and falling, as this should be the most productive time.

    I would check on fishing reports and techniques for the Myrtle Beach area, as that is more known and is close enough to where the fishing is likely quite similar.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    My wife's family has a house on Sunset and we go every August. The fishing that time of year seems to be really slow especially for redfish and trout. With that in mind, I have found that the intercoastal waterway has some very attractive sections behind sunset all the way up to Ocean Isle that people have said is very productive in the early summer. At changing tide, I have worked the smaller waterways with clousers and various other flies. There is a really good, knowledgable guy at the Bass Pro shop in Myrtle Beach (30 minutes south) that provided some local knowledge. I used a 9ft 9wt that may be a bit much for that area but is all that i have! Any report back would be great!

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