Hello fellow Flyfishers I will be In awahoo the 23 of May. And would like to get into some Bone fish. I am a freshman in College and dont have that much $ and was not planing on getting a guide. I have never been to Hawaii nor have I ever fished for Bone fish. I have flyfished most of my life and I just fish for big Rainbows up hear in Alaska. So this will be totaly new to me. What fly line should I use?, I was going to take my 9"6 7wt Sage Xp and my 10' 7WT Sage Fli for a backup. Are those to light of a rods? What are some good flie patterns for Bone fish in Hawaii? I would love to catch any other kind of fish to really does not matter to me. This looks like a geat fourm. Any info would be nice. Thank you