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  1. Default Looking to match a reel

    I just got an Orvis HLS RM 9'6" 9w and am looking to match a reel. There is an extremely good deel on a Lamson V4, which is rated for 10w rod, but I am wondering if you think it would work with the 9w rod. The reel weighs 7.25oz which pretty light so Im thinking I would be okay. If it helps the rod weighs 4 1/8 oz and will be used for blues and stripers.

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    I should also add that I will be bringing this rig up to Cape Breton Nova Scotia as well.

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    You read my mind. That is a fan-dam-tastic reel and a good match for that rod. Mine is on a 8'8" 9wt Scott HP and is slightly heavy, but the additional 6" should make that reel a perfect match for your rod. Also, my reel is one of the older designs with more metal and thus more weight.

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