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  1. Default Looking for Coastal Fishermen !

    Greatings from Land Locked Tyler:

    If anyone is interested in fishing the Upper OR Middle Texas Coast this Winter & Spring please let me know by replying to this posting or e-mail me at:

    I am always looking for a Kayak Fishing partner or if you have a boat, that works for me also.

    Right now is a good time to learn the coastal flats. The water is usually low, exposing bottom details hidden during the spring, summer & fall months when the water levels are deeper. Later this spring the weather is usually unpredicable with spring fronts & rains.
    The best weekends based on the current charts are: Jan 21, Feb 4, Feb 18, March 4 & April 1 & April 29.

    Let Me Know.

  2. Default Reds

    Hello Saltyfly

    Do you get a chance to cast to any tailing reds during that time???


  3. Default Welcome

    Hello SaltyFly Jack:

    Welcome aboard. Thanks for the post and please keep on posting!!!


  4. Default SAltwater Fly Fishing

    SaltyFly, Please check my post on the "Looking for a Partner" forum. I'm kinda' a kayak fishing wannabe. Never in one before. Is there a place near you, on the coast, that rents the Prowler 13' or a Wilderness 140 that is fully outfitted for fly fishing :?: I have 8&9wt tackle and flys.

  5. Default Re: Reds

    Quote Originally Posted by Trout Bum
    Hello Saltyfly

    Do you get a chance to cast to any tailing reds during that time???

    Yes, Reds will enter the shallow water once the sun or warm fronts have a chance to warm up the shallows. IE, later mornings & afternoons. A cold front or cool nights will drop the shallow water temp which pushes the reds to deeper water.

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