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  1. Default Myrtle Beach Area - NC

    I am heading to Sunset Beach on July 22, which about 40 minutes north of Myrtle Beach. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about fly fishing there? I am new to saltwater fly fishing but would love to get into it. I am going to buy a cheap rod for the trip, probably an 8 wt ll bean quest or cabelas three forks unless otherwise suggested. I will not have access to a boat, but will have access to docks on the bay behind the island and i plan to fish from the beach into the surf. If you have any advice on fly fishing the surf or bay and what flies to have it would be appreciated. Also, if you think a 5 wt could handle the task let me know so i dont waste the money on an 8 wt. Thanks for the help!

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    Sunset Beach is part of my stomping grounds! There are lots of nice size drum in the area, so an 8 is ideal. The problem with Sunset these days is all the developing around the island. I used to go to the far Eastern end and wade out around Tubbs Inlet. Now the area is sectioned off and being sold, so I'm not sure if you can get back there. (On foot, I would try. )

    You mentioned being able to get to the bays... The oysters can be bad, so watch your feet and keep a pretty quick retrieve if you notice your line starting to sink. Some of the places you have to stand can be pretty far from where the fish will be. Work on that double haul and you'll be fine! Look for tailers - we've seen them!

    There are some beautiful flats around there. Perhaps you could rent a kayak?

    Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions!

    Have a great trip!

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    I sent you a pm.

    My plans as of now are to rent a kayak for two days and fish on foot maybe two more. Just need to find some good locations and the rights flies. Will I need wire leader down there because a guy told me blues were biting where the ICW meets the ocean near high tide and I don't want to lose any fish?


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