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axle27 12-08-2011 12:11 PM

10Wt Comparison
Recently, I acquired two rod/reel outfits for fishing the salt in the Tampa area. As stated in a different thread, he has a place down there and invited me to come down to fish with him. He's never fly fished at all so I told him to take a lesson and practice. However, he has no equipment, being a good employee, I went out and found a couple of setups:

9ft, 4pc, 10wt Colton Tradewinds with a Colton CL1 9/11 reel.

9ft, 2pc, 10wt St. Croix Avid with a Redington AL 9/11 reel.

Both of these are used but well maintained. I paid $225 for each set up (not the same owner).

Surpisingly, the Avid is much faster than the Colton. With this being said, should I let him get acquainted using the slower Colton or should I let him take his class, practice some, then try both to see which he prefers. I say this because slower rods are usually more forgiving for newbies...

Things to consider:

- The Colton I originally purchased for me and the other was for him. If I let him try both, I'd be willing to take whichever he doesn't want.
- If he chooses the 4pc., shipping the 2pc to FL to fish could be pricy.

Opinions welcomed and encouraged...

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