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    hey guys, before i ask a question i thought i'd introduce myself,
    im from north carolina and fish all the time in the lakes and rivers near my house in Raleigh. i make regular trips to the mountains to fish for brookies and recently got into fly fishin in saltwater on my 18 foot seahunt. im used to conventional fishin for drum, specks, blues, spanish etc. and i just got into fly fishin it. one of my new favorite things to do is anchor up about a mile offshore and chum till i get some spanish up, and then its off to the races with a fly rod. im worried about breakin my main 8 weight and want a back- up that doesnt break the far im lookin at an otto's reel with either a red fly2 or a here lies my question, whats the difference between redfly2 and a pursuit? anyone heard anything good about Otto's, because i love the bright colors. or should i go with a different rod.

    thanks for the help and glad to be here.
    tightlines- caleb

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    Caleb, if you're into the bright colors, check out the Allen Alpha II reel, they've got it in a powder blue/orange option that is AWESOME, it looks even better in person. As far as a rod, I use my Allen Xa 9' 8wt in saltwater, it definitely doesn't break the bank and it's a great rod. I'd recommend it highly, and the warranty can't be beat.
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    the reel is hot, but theyre sold out cant beat redingtons lifetime, no questions asked though and that rod is too much for me to handle the reel though

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    If I recall correctly, the Pursuit replaced the RF2. The Pursuit casts more smoothly than the RF2 and feels like it has more power.


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