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Thread: Where to go? Mid April Flats trip.

  1. Default Where to go? Mid April Flats trip.

    Hello everybody. I will be coming home from Afghanistan the first part of April(civillian not a soldier, God bless those guys) and would like to take a flats trip. I have been on one other trip to Belize where I was able to fish a few spots with a few independant guides with as much success as a flats novice could hope for.
    I am trying to decide between Bahamas, Mexico and Belize. I will be bringing my wife who can be happy with nature trails, a beach and a bucket full of Belikins or other local brew. Or she would be happy at lodge with young handsome pool boys and tour guides brining her margaritas and showing her the sights while I am out fishing. In other words momma will be happy wherever. I would like to go someplace uncrowded,reasonably priced either at lodge or where independant guides are avaible along with some DIY fishing, but mostly guided due to my skill set.
    Everyplace you read about on the net sounds like the greatest place in the world. Somplace with shots at Permit and larger bones along with a bunch of dumb bones to keep me busy would be perfect.
    Any input would most appreciated. Also anycouple looking togo at that same time who might like link up and avoid single angler supplement would be worth exploring.

  2. Default Re: Where to go? Mid April Flats trip.

    My wife and I went to El Pescador, BZ last year. During the off season it's half price. The bar tender and I fished for bones behind the lodge. And of course you can catch them off the beach if you know where and when. My wife had on a huge bone and popped it off. If you need any info, just send me a PM.

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