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woodinfliezz 02-18-2012 12:03 AM

panama beach
me and my fiance will be going out to panama beach in april to get married she wants to go fishing and well i really wanna go fishing but she wants deep water fish i just want to try and hit up some of the tidal pools and stuff can any one suggest some good spots for me to try out my pole down there and do you know if a 6wt rod is heavy enough for small ocean fish?

gatortransplant 02-18-2012 10:05 AM

Re: panama beach
You might get your butt kicked with the 6wt, especially if you hook into a bigger snook or red (which can be in even the skinniest of water where you think you're only targeting little ones). When I fish the Gulf, I use my 8wt, but I know a lot of guys that go bigger. But if the fiancee wants to do deepwater, see if you can take a guide to fish for billfish. The fiancee can do the deepwater she wants, and you can go after one with a fly rod!

peregrines 02-18-2012 02:01 PM

Re: panama beach
woodinfliezz-- congrats on your up coming wedding-- and on your choice of the bride to be-- it's great she's looking forward to some fishing.

Hopefully some folks with better local knowledge will chime in with some do it yourself wading options

To make the most of your trip, you might also consider a guided trip-- a lot more bucks than just wading on your own, but the odds of actually catching something will go way up--- In addition to the local fishing knowledge of tides, hot spots and recent on the water experience, and the mobility of having a boat with a knowledgeable captain, you'll also have the opportunity to use fly fishing gear supplied by the guide that will be a good match for whatever you plan to chase-- in terms of weight of outfit, quality of rod and reel, rigging, and flies.

You might even be able to book a trip that combines some offshore stuff like trolling for kings, sight fishing for cobia, or wreck fishing for grouper, snapper and amberjack that your wife would enjoy with some inshore fly fishing for spanish macs, specs, or reds....

If you consider going the guide route, look for someone that specifically mentions that he or she guides fly fishers, with a boat set up for fly fishing and supplies fly fishing gear. Maybe some folks on this board could recommend someone.

I haven't fished with this guy, and don't know him, but here's an example of the kind of guide you might want to look for: Panama City Fishing Charters, Fishing Florida's Panhandle with Captain JP

Good luck, keep asking questions and let us know how your trip goes.

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