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  1. Default New Tarpon Set Up

    The rod a is a Sage Xi3 11wt. What reel? - Hatch, Nautilus, Sage 6000, Mirage, what do you think for a tarpon specific reel. Thank You
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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    That rod should do the trick, unless you latch into a real full grown Tarpon(150lbs or more). Last year my Dad and I traded from a Tibor to the Mirage VII Shallow. Really loved the switch. Don't have any experience with the other reels you mentioned. Good luck with which ever set up you choose. Please post pics of any success.
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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    Message sent.
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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    That should be a great rod for tarpon-- I have older generations of them (Sage model RPLX's and RPlXi's) and they've worked great witha good balance between castability and fish fighting.

    I've matched them with Tibors (Gulfstreams for the 11 and 12 weights and Riptides for 10 weights) and the reels have been flawless though pounded pretty hard by fish. Although I cast righty, I set the reels up for right hand retrieve-- the theory being that you can pick up line faster reeling with your dominant hand and the reel handle is less likely to foul when shooting line on the cast--- but there are differing opinions on the wisdom of that.

    As many do, i removed the forehand grip on the 11 and 12 weight rods to allow more flex at the base of the blank for fish fighting-- but there are differing opinions on the wisdom of that too....

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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    Great rod...I have used the Xi3 #12 and it right up there. You are expressing a preference for a sealed drag reel rather than the tried and true Abel or Tibor. That is cool; I have used booth Hatch and Nautilus NV, both of which are not only great reels but great looking too. Add one more - the new Hardy Fortuna X developed with major input from tarpon master, Andy Mill. This reel has a powerful drag and excelent aspect ratio.

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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    Any of the Tibor or Tibor clones. I actually prefer the Bauers as for the same line capacity I can get a lighter reel and the Tibors are a tad heavy for my tastes. Were I fishing for Tarpon, with the rod and reel on a boat day in and day out, there's no doubt as it would be Tibor all the way.  8088
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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    My choice would be the draw bar design: Abel or Tibor.

    If I had to go with a stacked washer design, it would be a Mako.

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    Default Re: New Tarpon Set Up (Your opinions please)

    I have no experience with the Sage reel, but all of the others you mentioned are great reels. I'll throw out another name that has proven itself bulletproof...Islander in a size 4 and larger.

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