Clay, over at Nervous Water, told me our bud and Sims rep, John Sherman was in town recently and had a pretty epic trip to Hawaii. He fished a couple of days on Molokai with Capt. Clay Ching and, in addition to some bones, got a white ulua (giant trevally) on his bonefish setup. Way to go man! Thatís like the Holy Grail of fly fishing in Hawaii. So far as Clay knows, there have only been a few g.t.ís that have been hooked and landed on a fly here and Johnís may just be the biggest yet.

Clay said after that, he and Sean spent this past Friday out on K-bay and John annihilated that place too. According to Sean, there were more bones out there that day than there has been in a long time. John ended up getting three out of five, and went one for two with fish in the ten pound region.

In addition to being a great guy and a flat out ridiculous fly fisherman, John's apparently got the mega fish juj as well (one of the deadliest combinations known to mankind).
You said it Clay. Thanks for the report.