Got 4 of them:

7wt 9' BVK, super rod that is my go to rod for wade fishing for reds & trout on the Texas coast when winds are below 15mph.

8wt 9' BVK, darn nice rod that fills the next step for me when wind is high. However I probably should have the 9wt as our winds really pick up.

8wt Signature I, nice rod for the money. I use it tube floating for bass, I load it with a 9wt Bass bug taper.

5wt 9' Signature I, just bought it for $69 on sale as a personnal Fathers Day gift to me. Only have practice cast it with 6wt Bass bug taper. Darn fine rod for this price.

Great value in the price range; got one in college and another going into 11th grade so I have economize. Sage & Winston will just have to wait.

Pete A.