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    Default Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    My friend just invited me to join him and his family on their trip to San Destin, FL. I'm looking to do a little fly fishing if (WHEN) I get the chance. Does anyone know what's running down their now or any flys that are a must have for that region. I'll be there for 3 days starting on June 10th.


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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    Ok, so I figured out what species are starting to run in Destin this time of year. I'll be around Bayou village in Destin. Does anyone know any good fishing locations in that area?

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    Alright so you are in the gulf part of Fl gatortransplant can probably help you more than i but from what i hear Sea trout and redfishing is whats going to be the best. Tie up clouser minnows yellow over white black over white and green/charteuse over white. ep minnows. shrimp patterns a deceiver or two if you like them. chartreuse over white. what rods do you have? will you be fishing on a boat or from shore. the snook fishing in the gulf aint that great because of the freeze a couple years back but there will be some. ep minnows, Eat Me flies, and clouser minnows.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    grassonfly, Thanks for the advice I appreciate it. I have a TFO BVK 9 wt. rod and a Ross CLA 5 reel. I'll most likely be inshore fishing from the beaches and flats without a boat. Most of my free fishing time will be early mornings.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    I have the same rod. You will be surf casting then. Look for patches of turtle grass and cast into those. Find a flat or anything. You can rent a kayak and look for tailing fish. The possibilities are endless. I like to look for fish in marinas because of the structure.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    EDIT: i just realized that since you live on the Gulf Coast you likely already know what is about to follow and it wont really help your location question much except for the beachcombing suggestion with satellite imagery... Anyways...

    Not back home yet so this is a mini-response from my iPhone... Though those of us who fish for them would love others to think the snook fishing is still off, it is not. Start scanning the beaches near where you'll be with google maps or preferably google earth. Look for any sort of structure that forms a shadow line five-ten feet off the beach, ie if you're surf-casting for snook you will not even be in the water. If you're in the water, you're likely either on top of the fish or beyond them. In two days fishing I saw several hundred snook, and the groups were never more than fifteen-twenty feet from shore. You WILL run out of water trying to strip flies to keep the snook chasing them, as the snook will often strike at the very last moment (ie their backs will be coming out of the water). Also, once a fish notices your fly, if t reacts favorably, start stripping as fast as you can. In the snook on the beach game, follows start becoming a currency, since rejections get very common.

    For all around saltwater in the area, if you can, pick up an intermediate sink tip line, even for the shallow surf casting. For snook, white flies with a bit of flash and beadchain eyes in sizes 4 and 6 are good. Dont be afraid to downsize. My best luck with reds came with clousers, and all the color schemes Robert has mentioned are good. Also try the electric chicken scheme of chartreuse and pink, it's a personal favorite of mine, especially for trout. Snook aren't the only ones who like a fast retrieve either. While reds seems to like a slower erratic retrieve, trout and ladyfish both go for fast retrieves. Here the sink tip will really help.

    Other than that, good luck, and let us know how you do! If I think of anything else, I'll try and post it... Just get a good pair of sungloves and polarized glasses and don't forget the sunscreen! And like Robert said, yaks are a blast and can get you to some interesting spots. Oyster beds and mullet schools are your friends, just remember to fish moving tides if you can!
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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    I just got back from Santa Rosa Beach which is right at sandestin. Anyways, everyone I saw that was having luck in the surf was chasing ladyfsh from a kayak. The inlet looked promising, but I didn't have time to go. The staff at the Orvis store there seemed very knowledgeable. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    the last time I was in Navare , which is just up the beach from Destin all I caught off the beach lady fish and they quit eating about an hour after sunup. .....It was also my first time with a fly off the beach. They were right in waves at the beach and I did get wet. Only my feet though, so i could strip the fly along the waters edge.

    The water does not get gradually deeper as you walk into the water like Daytona. There is sharp step down as soon as you get into the water. It is then about 2.5 feet deep and gets gradually deeper to 5' or so and then shallows up again to about 2' for several yards and then starts getting deeper again.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    I appreciate all good advice and input. My trip did not turn out quite as I had hoped for. As we all know stuff happens. My buddy and I went wade fishing on our first morning there and did not have any luck. We ended up fishing the ponds around the golf course and had a really fun time catching bass with top water flys. The second day I got up to go fishing and on my way out of the door, IT HAPPENED. I caught my rod tip just-right in a door and broke 6inches off the tip. I knew better than to carry it that way inside, I was just in a hurry. SO, needless to say, I was done fly fishing on my second day there. After it happened we decided to enjoy the beaches and scenery. Its alright though, I'll have my rod sent off and be back fishing in no time.

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    Default Re: Ideas for San Destin, FL Trip !?!

    DUDE!! That sux....No backup either huh...Way too bad. Myself, I love getting out on the beaches for the dawn patrol. If all I get is the ladyfish, so be it. If it pulls I like it...I am not a species snob. Give me 10# jacks all day on the fly rod and I am a very happy man......Glad you enjoyed your trip anyway,

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