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    Default Re: Salt water limits: When/how they work

    I totally agree with all of the above. Look at what tey're doing to us here in NC, WE're getting both barrels. From the comms and the audoBAN society. In most of our prime spots and on recreational shores. In the cape fear sys, you cannot harvest even 1 striped bass(a moritrium is in effect) has been for years. I catch the food I eat and always will and will remain a conscientious fisherman. Something must be done or none of us will be able to keep what we catch! Provided there is something to catch!
    After getting up at 5.00am every morning for work , what makes a man get up at 4.00am on saturdays? must be SOMETHING in the water, huh? Let,s go fishing!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Salt water limits: When/how they work

    I don't believe that there is any polution. I am sure that there is no planet warming. There should be not limits on any wild game, fish or mamals. I say turn the national parks and both polar regions into oil derick farms. Evolution is a conspiracy. ..... the individual has not rights where any large bank, insurance company, or corporation is concerned. ......Gee, I think I will run for public office so I can serve the common man and I am sure the voter will vote for me just like all the other politicions now in office.

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    Default Re: Salt water limits: When/how they work

    Along with the good stuff put out already in this string--add to it the Florida Sportsman a jewel in the crown of saltwater fishing magazines and who did yeoman duty on getting the nets out with another great organization the CCA. Nets are naught but a tool and many commercial fishermen are great folks who support conservation but then you get to management and there the ball is most always dropped. Our National Marine Fisheries Service has done a horrible, political job! In short a long time ago I fell to the side of get the nets out as that's the only thing that really works. TU for years now has been working with the netters in the NW and the results are predictable and a failure as this so called conservation measure hasn't worked and they both blame the dams which is partly to blame but far from being the root cause which is, "over harvest," by netters. Good discussion!  8088
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