What possessed me to think one of my favorite beachs would be empty on a weekday before Labor Day. Guess I just needed to get out. Saw the lineup and kept walking till it thinned out and only had the masses to my left. Got some snapper blues and Searobins and even a small fluke . Ok this is good and the tides about to turn . In more ways than one . Here they come coolers beach chairs meat sticks for monsters and there is a bunch of them . And where do they setup 10 feet to my right. Oh boy now I feel like I'm fishing in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium! Now I could have walked farther down but the heck with it I'm getting action I'll deal with it.
The tide is just starting to flip around to the out going and the new arrivals start catching Porgys (scup). My action has slowed and unless I want to start chucking squid and clams for porgies I'm gonna have to be patient and wait for the tide to get things going again.
Then I hear it. Yo brother you not gonna catch notin wit that fly thingy!looking over I see the guy with the Tarpon Size surf stick is addressing me.I answered politely as possible that I was having fun and really didnt care . But deep down my competitive juices were boiling over and was tempted to walk all the way back to the car and get my spinning rod and some clams and bang porgies till this guy begged me to give him some instead of releasing them . But I didn't . I was here to flyfish and that's that!
Then it hit me if I had a sabiki fly like I use in Fla I can bang Porgys also . Ripped through my bag , nothing. Ready to call it a day and I spot a pearl #18 scud stuck in the corner of my surf bag. Two casts later I'm into a porgy on the fly. For the next hour and a half Porgys on about every cast.
I don't know what was more satisfying all the action or seeing the face on surfmaster after I released each fish! All I know is it was fun!