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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    Dan that is awesome im stealing that idea.

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    On my Eat Me styled flies that im tieing for the fly swap, i like to cover my thread wraps in sally hanson's after every step. The only destructible part of the fly is the eyes which can be glued back on.

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    I glue the eyes on those beads with 5 minute epoxy to. Just rough up a spot on the bead. The only ones I have lost were to dock posts, Cement bridge pilings an other stuff behind me. Never had a fish pop one off yet (knock on wood).

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    are you using wire leaders or heavy fluoro?

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    Most of the time wire. I use the old Dahlberg style of doing my leaders. It takes a few odd knots, Bimini Twist, Albright and twist mel, but they are awsome. I have been doing them this way for a long time.

    I do them from the fly;
    Twist melt in nylon coated steel
    Albright knot to the double line of a Bimini Twist. (Loosely furled)
    Bimini Twist.

    Up to this point I make from the fly to the single line just less than a foot. IGFA rule, this whole section 39".

    A 42 inch mid section.

    A 39 inch fly rod end section with a perfection loop. I blood knot the pieces together and with what you loose in a blood knot it comes out pretty much exactly 9' long.

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    I dont go after large enough fish to use a bimini. I do plan on spooling my alpha with gel spun and going after sharks.

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    Just be careful with that gel-spun, it may not look like it at first but if you're not using stripping guards or fighting gloves* it's a great way to open up your finger for inspection!

    As far as personal variation, I find that about half the time I'm tying flies based on elements of patterns that have worked recently or in the past. I don't specifically remember the last time I followed a fly recipe, though I have much respect for Sawyer and Clouser and Lefty and Wulff and all the others whose patterns I tie and fish, but an equal amount of time I couldn't tell you who may have tied a similar pattern or who contributed elements to flies I am tying and fishing. With it being lake-run fish season, I use a lot of estaz and guinea in fly patterns, while also just relying on what I have laying around. I probably should make a fly materials order soon, but until then I'll keep substituting materials with what I have laying around. Even more exaggerated is when I'm in Sweden walking the forest and fields around our field-house looking for tying materials. Variety is spice of (fly tying) life right?

    *check out the 12wt brand work gloves, they are AWESOME, though I'd prefer if the first or even first and second fingers were longer for the purpose of use as a stripping guard*
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Personal variations to flies

    i was a gear chucker before fly fishing so i have had alot of cuts from spectra line and stuff thank you though. usually im not touching the backing when i have a fish that far. I am just reeling.

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