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    Default Re: Does anyone else target these?

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    I did put a few casts at what I thought was a small ray that was patroling an area that I frequented last winter. I did not spend a lot of time at it but I could get no interest from it with the shrimp pattern that I was using.
    yer im sure the best way to tempt one would be to put it right infornt of its nose and very stowly twitch occasioanlly

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    Default Re: Does anyone else target these?

    No way, here on the gulf coast sting rays are a constant real hazard, far greater than a shark/snake/alligator/power boat attack. Even a very small one can penetrate the best Simms waders. Actually the smallers ones are worse.

    We see them often when wadefish but learned at an early age to do the "schuffle' when wading. This is where you slide/schuffle your feet when wading. Muddies the water quite a bit but is shoo's them away. They eat the same food reds, flounder and spec's eat so are often thick in good fishing areas. Carefull when slipping out of a boat for a wade.

    I've hooked and landed them with convential tackle but it is darn tricky to handle them without killing them. Most of the time we cut the line at the leader and say bye bye. I've not been spiked but have been when people in party were. It makes tough guys scream in pain and takes quite a while to heal.

    No thanks.

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Does anyone else target these?

    Bob Popivics and few of us on the jersey coast go after cow nosed rays in least I did till I moved here. check this out :
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