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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    How did it break and what do you use for back-up?
    I broke on the back of a pickup truck on my way to the flats.. i only have one rod..Should of bought a bvk for backup

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    Default Re: Broken Sage rod ..

    I'm with silver - send it all in the rod tube it came in. Don't worry, they will send it all back, good as new. $50 bucks and you're back on the water in no time. Takes about 2 - 3 weeks. I've had to send in my Sage RPL 3 times now, the last time requiring an entire new rod.

    As for procrastination, I broke the tip off the RPL last spring and still haven't sent it in (which will be #4) Funny thing is this is the only rod I've ever been so seemingly careless with to have broken it 4 times (sigh...).

    I'm glad I have had a backup or two.

    Good Luck.


    P.S.: I take mine to my local fly shop and he packages and ships the rod to Sage for me at no extra cost and doesn't charge me the $50 until the rod is back in my hands. Jimmy's rocks!
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    Sage is a great company and Xi3 a first rate saltwater rod. Warranty and service quality, however, don't help much when you are away from home and, in destinations like the Bahamas, there are no fly shops. You must have back up gear wherever you fish but especially in tropical flats destinations. Forget how strong bonefish are...mangroves, salt and skiffs (not to mention pick up trucks) are stronger.

    Now, I have been bonefishing for a long time and have a penchant for experimenting with rods and reels to begin with. I travel with a 6" diameter case which for me (my wife often accompanies me bonefishing so...) contains: 1 #7, 2 or 3 #8, 1 #9 and possibly a #10 for permit and/or barracuda. And, if I have 3 8-weights with me I will have 3 reels too + extra lines. Of the 3 #8's I might bring I don't really think of them as back-ups but rather as alternates with varying characteristics...a big gun from the bow of the skiff dealing with wind and distance like your Xi3 or, my current preference, Loomis NRX, a little gentler but fully capable wading rod like a Scott S4s and perhaps a close quarter in the mangrove lagoons #8 such as the Scott 8'8" Heliply. I also have a new 8.5-weight powerhouse for really tough conditions, Hardy's Proaxis. All these rods are mounted with different tropical lines to suit their personalities and intended applications. You don't have to spend a fortune on bonefish rods, there are several good ones in the mid-price range. Rajeff Sports ECHO3 is a terrific rod at $350, lesser known but up and coming Rise Fly Fishing (out of Montauk, NY where they know something about tough salt water conditions) Level Series rods at about $300 are a great value and fine rod, and for even less, TFO.BVK a little less sophisticated but very acceptable at $250.

    Meanwhile, get your Xi3 back to Sage as advised so it can be returned to new-like condition and, next time you carry it rigged in the bed of a pick up, wrap a towel around it.

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    Default Re: Broken Sage rod ..

    Quote Originally Posted by kglissmeyer1 View Post
    P.S.: I take mine to my local fly shop and he packages and ships the rod to Sage for me at no extra cost and doesn't charge me the $50 until the rod is back in my hands. Jimmy's rocks!

    Kelly: I agree, Jimmy's is a great fly shop! A little hard to find the first time but well worth the effort.


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    I would also suggest you take it to the shop you got it from and have them send it back. Save yourself some scratch.
    Nevermind my post. I didn't read Kelly's good enough.
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