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  1. Default Must have bonefish flies

    Hey guys I'm kinda new to bonefishing ( 2 years experience ) nonetheless I pretty good at it. My only problem is that I can't choose a small selection of flies to keep in my fly box. I'm always purchasing materials to tie new products but they all end up disappointing me plus im stuck with a bunch of useless materials .It seems like Gotchas are the way to goo however I box full of them is not a good idea in my opinion. Can you guys give me a list of flies than are successful in the Bahamas/ Caribbean . Thanks

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    Based on my experience in the Bahamas, color is more important than pattern so having several colors of standbys like Gotchas and Crazy Charlies is more important than having a ton of different patterns. Size and weight is also important so once again standards in a bunch of colors and sizes works well.

    I will admit that I tie my own flies and have about 20 different patterns each in several colors so I do not really follow my own advice. Way too many flies, but I love to tie flies.

    Here is a link to a great webpage on Aaron Adams site with some bonefish fly recommendations. I have tied all of these and variations on them as well. One that was very successful in Abaco was a variation of his Big Ugly, but I use grizzly hackle instead of the cactus chenile and bunny instead of craft fur.

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    Default Re: Must have bonefish flies

    This is a SimRam. I have never had a bone refuse it. It's all I fish around South Andros.

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    Default Re: Must have bonefish flies

    For Freeport/Lucaya :
    Crazy Charlies
    Moeflash Flys
    Dels Shrimp
    Popovics Shrimp

    BTW- Gary that SimRam looks awesome!
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    Default Re: Must have bonefish flies

    boz, they're a pain in the butt to tie, but man, do they work.

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    I enjoy applying the same "match the hatch" idea we all have applied to our trout flies to my bonefish flies. While wading I try to observe the behavioral movements of shrimp and crabs and apply various modulus of materials; rabbit strip, hackle, synthetic hairs, silicone strands, etc. to simulate the gill pulsing, feeler wiggling character of crustaceans. Not only on the strip but on the drop or even lying on the bottom moved only by current, I want my flies to seem alive. Naturally, like all of us, I vary color, size and weight depending on bottom color, depth and location. A couple of years ago I fished and area of Grand Bahama new to me and noticed an unusual green tint to many of the coral and marle flats. I added a touch of green dubbing and Mylar to a couple of flies at the lodge vise during coffee the next morning and was gratified with immediate and aggressive success on the first fish after breakfast.

    Always a great feeling when a good bone turns, lights up and slams your fly.

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