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Thread: Bonefish hooks

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    I looking for a new bonefish hook. I've been using mustad 34007 for the last 2 years but I've lost some huge bonefish thanks to them.

    I'm considering that gama ss15 and diachi 2546 but I can't seem to find reviews on these hooks.

    What hooks do you use.. ?


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    I īve used a variety of hooks, cheap and expensive ones. And I used a cheap one called Viking from Mustad. It is really a salmon hook stailnless streamer type and it worked well for shrimp patterns. I would not feel comfortable using it for bigger species. It has to be honed thoroughly before use.
    Anothe fine hook is the Gamakatzu bonefish hook. It may be the ss15, It is very sharp, durable and dependable. It wonīt let you down.

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    And in a shorter shank, the Tiemco stainless is good and strong..well made too. Though the Mustad is a bit coarser, I have used plenty of them with no problem...what isues have you encountered? Has anyone fished the black-finnished, longer shanked Gamagatsu?

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    Mustad S71SZ in z-metal is what I use. But heavy drag pressure and shallow hook penetration will bend any hook open no matter how big (or small) the bonefish. Another reason I like the S71 is the extra length of the hook shank over the 34007. It just makes a better proportioned Charlie-type fly in my opinion.
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    For bonefish flies I like Dai-Riki 930 Saltwater hooks
    and 950 Bonefish hook (same as 930 just plated)

    They are stainless, sharp and I have never had a problem with their strength on bonefish up to 8lb - wish I could say I have tried them on 10lb bonefish but have never had the luck.

    Another bonus $11 for 50 hooks!

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    Owner make some nice heavy hooks in smaller sizes. They are not cheap but you should be able to really crank down the drag with them if that is your goal. I bought them for big carp flies but I have never used them or felt the need. They are not stainless but they are plated and I doubt that rust will be a major problem if you will rinse them in fresh water at days end and then dry before putting back into the box.

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    I am a big fan of the Gamakatsu SC15 and SL45 for shrimp/crab/crayfish patterns. I like the weight of the hook as well as the sharp point and durability. Gamakatsu makes awesome hooks, but you will pay more for them. If it were me, I wouldn't want to lose a 8lb bonefish because of a bad hook. Spend the extra money!

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    I am a big fan of the Mustad Signature Hooks, big difference in the Signature and the regular Mustad. Price is a big reason I use them simply because the Owner and Gamakatsu are just to expensive. Never had an issue with the Signature strength and they stay sharp forever with a nice micro barb.

    The popularity of these hooks has been growing and certain sizes sometimes are hard to find now, especially the tarpon hook models in 1, 1/0 and 2/0.
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    Well it has to be something strong like Gamakatsu.

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