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Thread: Saltwater reel

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    Battenkill Big Game LA was the first SW reel I had for an 8 weight rig and it did me proud. It was a first trip (Mexico) and I didn't want to spend a fortune in case I didn't like it...well that was stupid! Of course I loved it.

    I recommend Orvis and their back up I understand is second to none (I've never had to use it!).

    I would suggest a Hydros the replacement, better sealed drag. I have a Mirage VI which is impressive along with Sage 8080 also great and replaced the Battenkill with an Abel Super 7. Alll great reels and I didn't spend a fortune on them..there are deals out there!
    Regards Gerard

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    It seems that I used a Pfleuger 1498 and Martin 77 forever for my SW fishing. When I felt the need to go heavier for larger more powerful speedsters I got my first Anti Reverse reel a Taurus. They all served me well and I still bring them out when I need that old feeling.
    I've tried many of the reels posted on this thread some I liked some were ok but for me the Tibor Riptide is my go to reel and for pelagics and crazy big stuff where AR is so nice to have you can't beat the Fin Nor Wedding Cake! I think with all the great manufacturers out there today( everyone's a machinist) it's pretty easy to find something to fit your needs.
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    I use an orvis access on my 8wt

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    Don't use the Okuma SLV in saltwater. I have a couple that I like very much but despite careful cleaning after each use the finish started blistering. I now only use them for salmon fishing. Any good anodized reel will work. I have many different reels and all (for the SLV) work fine in saltwater. Look on a big auction site for any of the following:

    STH (anodized, not the crinkle coated ones)
    Reddington Breakwater
    Lamson Guru, Velocity, Radius
    Orvis Hydros
    Fin Nor FR/CR (some were labeled for Cabelas)

    THere are tons of other choices.


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