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    Hi all, I live in Montana but guide here and on Cape Cod and I will be coming to Florida in may to pick up a new boat in mid may before heading up to Massachusetts. My father in law lives in the naples area and I am planning on sticking around the Fort Myers area for a week or two and am hoping to find some tarpon. I have never fished this area before and any info at all about where to start or how to start looking for the fish would be hugely appreciated. Not looking for anyone's hot spots just some general info would be great. Thanks very much...

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    Estero Island right in front of Fort Meyers is a good starting point. Nearby Boca Grande Pass and Sanibel Island are part of the Tarpon runway. Shouldnt be to hard to find them in May in this area just follow the armada of boats.
    Avoid the crowds Boca Grande at night by the bridge.
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