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Thread: Texas Redfish and Sea Trout tackle questions

  1. Default Texas Redfish and Sea Trout tackle questions

    my first trip for redfish and sea trout.
    I have an Echo II 10 weight, Diamondback Flawless 9 weight, Redington CPS 8 weight, Echo Ion 7 weight, and St Croix Ultra Elite SW 6 weight. Whcih rods should I take and why? Also I am looking to add lines so what should I be adding? Leaders etc also? All the reels I have are freshwater types. Redington Rise 7 & 8 weight. Lamson on the 9, Targus/Gary Borger on the 10. St Croix Ultra (British made reel) on the 6. Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Texas Redfish and Sea Trout tackle questions

    I'd take the 7 and 8 wt. This will cover most situations.

    Reels are fine, buy CorrosionX and coat very lightly all surfaces as our bays are called "hyper saline" as we are shallow with little fresh water ingress. Recipe for corrosion. I carry a spray bottle with 3:1 water/windshield wiper fluid which I spray reels, guides, reel seat, tools, etc right after fishing. Take your reels off the rod as reel seats corrode easily here. Then a quick light clean water spray in the evening.

    Don't worry about drags as trout and mid size reds can be handled with just enough drag to keep it from Backlashing when stripping. Don't sweat the backing as 50yds is plenty for these.

    Use quality Salt Water tapers as we always have wind here. Practice all directions with fairly bulky flies. Leaders are not critical as if the fish are there they aren't too leader why. 6-8' to 15# is a good starting point. Check tippet all the time a oysters can nick/scrape these easily.

    There's an ole saying down here, "if it ain't chartreuse it ain't no use". Not a bad first choice. Water is shallow with lots of weeds so super heavy flies sink too quick. If wind is high think "sparse".

    Good luck,

    Pete a

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    my 8 and 7 weight both have bass taper lines. Would they be applicable in the salt for what I am fishing?

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    Default Re: Texas Redfish and Sea Trout tackle questions

    Have to be a pretty darn discrimnating fly caster to spot the difference between the two.

    I use SW tapers and Bass Bugg tapers interchangably as this the fishing I do. Seems more effort by line makers for varied SW tapers than bass bug. Salt Water gets all the press thus the marketing effort.

    I'd stick with what you got to get a feel for it. Most of the fish are caught far shorter than 50'.

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: Texas Redfish and Sea Trout tackle questions

    The difference between a Bass Taper and a Saltwater is often just in the pliability of the line with the salt being designed for a tad bit warmer waters but this is not always true. As was said above--either should work fine. The only other thing I might add, sitting here in Port O'Connor, with the winds the past two days in the upper 20 mph range, bring the ten weight as it works wonders for wind.  8088
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