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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    If you're looking at TFO's for saltwater, take a look at the TiCR-X model. Its faster and more powerful than the BVK; its also heavier. I'd chose the BVK for trout/ smaller line weights, but the TiCR-X for larger fish/ saltwater. They're about the same price.


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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Opening myself up...but...there's a real current 8 weight reel shootout on line.
    Have to google it up, I can't remember the site.

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    yeah a got a glance at that the other was in a hurry remember the ross f-1 didn't rate to high kinda surprising thinking most because drag wasn't stiff enough to suite test cryteria gonna have to go back and check it out again remember abel being down the list little ways as well as some of the other big names thinking they maybe dropped abel a little because drag not sealed and seems like the sage cast housing sage got pretty high marks think pricing played big part in that being it was i think the 1800 series of reels looking pretty hard at abel figuring they all deserve a bath at the end of the day have a g-4 ross gunnison and older r-8 galvan for bass on the fly wandering about the tfo reel have one of the 0 for my one weight trout rod
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    I had 7 & 8wt TFO BVK's and sold them. For me these are not very versatile rods. They cast med to far (44-80') well but was not easy to manage on the closer 20-30' casts that sight casting is done so much of. Honestly IMHO TFO has taken the whole "fast" way too fast on most of their rods. Many such at the Axiom actually cast better over lined.

    We often wade fish from a drive in point, not standing 2-3' above the water surface on a boat. Here a fisherman has one rod and often casting while standing 3' deep. Versatility in a single rod is imperative.

    I would suggest you consider the currently on sale Sage Flight and Vantage rods (on sale in the $175-250 range). My 8wt Flight cast every bit as far as the BVK but handles the close casts well.

    My oldest son has the Vantage which is a bit slower (but not wimp rod, closer to a Med Fast). It is very very smooth and allows a full range of casting distances. My wife loves her 7wt Vantage.

    The TFO ProII is a moderate fast & priced rod without the extreme-ness of the BVK & TrCiX. Bit heavier but the casting performance exceeds it price point.

    I bet a nickel 5-8 years from now we'll see most rods in the vain of the Sage Circa, moving back to more moderate tapers. Fly fishing is much easier with flyfishing tapered rods rather than fast taper spinning rods with fly guides.

    My 2 cents.

    Pete A.

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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Good comments folks for the most part. I find The Yellowstone shootouts to be very valuable and a great source of information. All of the talk about bias, marketing and more sounds a bit biased to me. The first one of the eight weight shoots came from Flamingo, Fl if I understand correctly and rightly so as G. Anderson and Co are well aquainted with the salt here in the US and world wide for that matter. Whether you are planning a rod purchase, just looking for info, or like me looking for info on an older rod, his shootouts are a great source.

    I particularly liked the comment above mine as for years now, since the Sage SP hit the market, I favored castable rods. Especially those that can get a quick cast off to 20 or 60 ft with little to no false casting. My best eight weight rod was an 8'9" Sage RPLX but I confess that to tame that beast took a nine weight line! Of late I'm looking for a BL-5 Winston, an SP Sage or similar rod in an eight weight.  8088
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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    This is the link to the reel shootout. Interesting stuff. Some of the traditional reels don't do too well considering. Of course they will probably still be in service in 50years time and repairable.
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    My favorite 8# reels are still my old Ross Gunnison 4's...not quite the spool Diameter...but still fairly light weight at 5.4 oz. The drag has never failed me.
    Just don't have the same faith in the new sealed conical I wrong there.

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    like my old gunnison s to they lack large diameter but good reels

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