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  1. Default 9" 8# what you like

    9' 8#s for redfish mainly which you like best scott s3s or tfo bvk Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Temple Fork BVK....great for the money

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    Forgot....try Yllowstone Anglers web site 8 weight shootout. Might be just what your looking for.

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    thanks for input bobrown been checking that out i live in trout country so hard to find saltwater rods to cast hoping for more input from anybody favor the winston rods for my trout fishing also like my sage rods as well as my grey's nymphing rods

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    If I had to choose between only those 2, I'd give the nod to the BVK.

    If money wasn't that big of an issue, the Xi3 with an 8wt titan taper line would be my ultimate choice. One of the sweetest set ups I have ever had the pleasure of casting.
    Less likey, more green dots

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    As you ahve mentioned a premium priced and an economy priced rod it is hard to advise. Price point and frequency of intended use would help us help you. The S4s is a very sweet #8 though not rated that highly in the Shootout.

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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Hey Flybum,

    These two series of rods were designed a decade apart from one another, in that time much has transpired in the rod market. In the weight, crispness & dampening arena, the round goes to the lower priced and newer T.F.O. In build quality and smoothness, the Scott wins my vote.

    I have some of the very first S3 and S3s Scotts made available and while many rods have come and gone from my collection, to this day I still reach for those S3s Scotts more than any other saltwater rods I own. Amongst the S3s line, Iíve always felt the that 908/4 and 907/4 were among the best of the series. While designed as saltwater rods ( and theyĎve seen plenty of action there. ), theyíve proven to be very effective as broad river steelhead rods and they absolutely love a relaxed stroke uplined 1 or 2 with low to high density shooting heads. Although there are much better LC-13, T- 11 & 14 rods available today. They respond better to a long smooth powerful stroke, rather than a punchy tip cast. The S3 ( freshwater / general purpose ) series, accepts a shorter quicker tempo cast, more so than itís saltwater cousin, the S3s. Although, with a S.W. floating line or Int. F/S and in the right hands, the S3s competes very favorably with the other saltwater rods of itís era. Thatís the rub, of itís era.

    Put into some historical prospective, the S3s was introduced right around the dawn of the new millennium, during the latter reign of the Sage RPLXi and XP series, at that time the first generation Powell ( Rancho Cordova, CA ) Tiboronís had been on the market just a short time, having the distinction of being the first American production rod to leap across the $700.00 line. Loomis had the Nautikos and GLX rods on the shelves. T.F.O. existed as company to be sure, but they didnít have the widely diverse product line up or dealer network they enjoy today. Put into the context of the rod makers market place of that time, using what technologies were available and the climate of what rod buyers were looking for. Upon itís introduction, the S3s had an audience waiting in the wings. Yet like every series of rods ever developed, it has itís loyalist and itís detractors.

    Today, those same $600+ dollars can buy you a great deal more performance, than they could then - for some, todayís build quality seems to be the wild card in the performance vs. price equation.

    In short. Iím not giving up my S3 or S3s rods, but I soundly appreciate some of the modestly priced rods offered today.

    Good luck with your selection, TT

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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Quote Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
    In short. Iím not giving up my S3 or S3s rods, but I soundly appreciate some of the modestly priced rods offered today.
    I still fish a 10 weight S3s in the 8'8" configuration. The rod is a gun and has lots of lifting power. I use it as my main Baja California rod and as a quiver rod for teenage tarpon.

    If I was going to make a choice between the BVK and the S3s for reds, I'd take the S3s in a heartbeat. The S3s has more butt strength than the BVK. It could put some serious hurt on a big bull red.

    I have fished an 8 weight BVK on Striped Bass. It is a fine casting rod, but I was not impressed with its lifting power.


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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Quote Originally Posted by bobbrown View Post
    try Yllowstone Anglers web site 8 weight shootout. Might be just what your looking for.
    It might be a bit helpful, but the guy that does it has a personal bias against some makers. You should consider that when reading his OPINION.

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    Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

    Got to remember a review is only the reviewers opinion. But still a good starting point. Every some biased. This is especially true if he does not like your favorite product.

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    awesome guys really appreciate all the input difinetly not stuck on these to brands just some rods was considering got winston sage loomis greys scott and echo all in my trout and bass quiver , never done any saltwater fishing on the fly but wanting to give it a shoot , then comes the next delima which reels to go with 8-10wt range been checking into blues ,false albys, so now comes 9 and 10 wt. rods to oboy what am i getting myself into lol keep the input coming i love to get input from experience nothing can be more educational realizing not all casting styles and sintuations will ever be the same
    Thanks again to all for input looking forward to much more

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