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    Well then you deserve good rods! Upper or lower Keys? What did you wind up getting?

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    Lower keys..

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    Serious question here.

    All I hear these days is that current ferrule technology makes the difference between 4 piece rods and 2 piece rods non-existent. Why is there a difference between 2 piece rods (which seemingly no one wants anymore) and 1 piece rods?

    In other words (or maybe furthermore), does a ferrule affect a rod? If so, why are 4 piece (3 ferrule) rods the industry standard over 2 piece (1 ferrule) rods?

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    I believe 4 piece rods are manufactured primarily due to easy of transport and storage..and that includes air transportation. Any ferrule has to put a stiff spot in the action. If it truly effect the average cast is another topic. 1 piece rods do eliminate sections coming apart, turning at the ferrules, have a smoother action, and are lighter. If all that makes any difference at all is for the individual fisherman to determine. To's worth if if the rod stays with the boat....for transport, even in a car, the advantages diminish quickly.

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    Agreed plus one other small thing. The less pieces, the less weight but that is slight indeed. Folks often say yes but we are talking fractions of an ounce and to that I say hold a 3 oz paintbrush up in the air for awhile and then try that with a 4 ounce one and the difference becomes very clear.  8088
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    A 4-pc. rod is built on 4 separate mandrels...a one-piece (duh) on one. Ferrules are much better than they were making the convenience of 4-pc. rods viable quality alternatives to 2-pc. I liked 3-pc. when they were sort of popular (Diamondback Stu Apte rods, Redington Nti's and early EXS's...try a Sage 3-pc. SP+ sometime...). But NO ferrules?, this is a rod designers delight. There is no compensating for the even small dead spots, no loosening and breakage due to loosening...just a continuous, uninterupted flow of pure taper design! Yes, one-piece rods are really only PRACTICAL for a guy with a boat, rod rack overlooking home pool, etc. I fish some 2-pc. rods by car, by plane I use mostly 4-pc. now but a few 3-pc. still might go with me but I want the Zenith one-pc. #4 because it is spectacular!

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