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Thread: fly lines

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    this awesome info guess gonna have to do some testing and hunting a good deal on lines hopefully somebody have some good deals on some of these just have to check Thanks again to all who have given input

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrfzx View Post
    I'll add my +1 to the ranks that like the Rio Outbound Short lines. I use the OB line in WF-8-F Tropical for Redfish in Louisiana, and have no complaint s at all. It loads the rod quickly, and shoots very well. We also like the SA Textured Mastery Titan Taper, and I will give it a slight edge over the RIO line. I think the "textured" finish makes it shoot just a hair better. In June I will be testing the Wulff Bermuda Shorts line. It has even a shorter head than the Rio or SA. Just in case it doesn't perform as well, I'll have a couple of extra spools loaded with the SA and Rio lines.
    Homer, did you find you needed the Tropical line? I'm going down to LA in November for Redfish. Won't be very hot and I'd rather order the cold water line so I can use it up here.
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    In June/July when it can be VERY hot, I do like the Tropical/warm water lines due to their stiffer cores, but in November, I would bet the coldwater lines would be fine. Honestly, even in the warmer weather, I am not sure if there is enough difference to really matter, but then again I need all the help I can get!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oarfish View Post
    One of the best line groups I've ever used, I'm glad you have brought up Rio's Outbound Shorts for salt, bass, pike, you can not go wrong.

    I too mainly using the Rio Outbound Short for bass, big trout streamers. My casting is ugly so I try to limit my false cast. One quick shot with single haul is all you need get the fly back out there.
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