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Thread: Fishing with Fidel in the Acklins

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    Default Fishing with Fidel in the Acklins

    Just got back from the Acklin Islands. Where our guide Fidel, once again managed to show us some incredible spots. The stingray felt like a hard surface (always imagined they would have a softer skin).

    [ame=]Acklin Island Fly Fishing - With Fidel (second time around) on Vimeo[/ame]
    The fields are endless, but the cows never leave the river side, maybe its the fresh taste of a cold mountain runoff that keeps them close. Or perhaps they just like watching the fly fisherman cast their way down stream (like souls of fishermen past). A young calf looks at his mother, with a sideways curious expression I love the feeling of mud running through my hooves.

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    Default Re: Fishing with Fidel in the Acklins

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Nice to see that you did not touch the fish. Details about the lodge?

    Headed for South Andros next week.
    "I hear voices, they tell me to go fishing"

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