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  1. Default PERMIT capture caught on video

    Hi fellow noodle-rodders,

    Here's a Permit I caught a week or so ago before this wind picked up again.


    [ame=]A great capture of a Permit, Big Fish on Fly Rod, Fly Fishing by Andy Thomsen - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: PERMIT capture caught on video

    Beautiful video.
    Wow, splash some water on that measuring board or you'll have cooked Permit.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: PERMIT capture caught on video

    Awesome video! I sure hope this year is my year to finally get one on the fly..

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    Default Re: PERMIT capture caught on video

    "Got him! Well not yet..." Great line. Good video.

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    Awesome video. Love the permit.

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