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    Default Two Hours Of Fun...

    Had a couple hours on Diego Garcia to throw a fly yesterday. Tied on a streamer and was hoping for anything. I was basically "carpet bombing" in 4-6' of water. Only fifteen minutes in, a small bone hit. Little guy went about 17" but it made my day. It got a little better. Got three more. Two were the same size, the last went maybe three pounds. Not huge, but it was a good time. Missed a few and lost two. Got dark and I bailed. The beach was only 100' from my room.

    No fish pics because I'm clumsy and have ruined a couple cameras before. Got a beach pic. I had it all to myself.

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    Arrow Re: Two Hours Of Fun...

    "Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham

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