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  1. Default Tarpon in St. Croix?

    Has anyone ever tarpon fished in St. Croix...the island not the river ?

    I'm sure there's a lot better destinations for tarpon fishing but we've booked a trip there in mid-July. I see a couple of guides listed on the net but don't know if it's worth it or not...


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    Default Re: Tarpon in St. Croix?

    Sageman, I hired a guide in St. Croix while on a cruise stop there a few years ago, I think it was late June. Fished a 10 wt for tarpon. I had no luck, and we didn't seem to see much activity either. Was it just a bad day, or is the tarpon fishing there marginal, I can't say? At any rate, I enjoyed the day on the water and learned something about tarpon fly fishing tactics but I had no fish to show for it. I can't remember what guide I hired but I did some internet research and hired someone that way. He had a nice ~21 ft boat and good fly gear. Wish I could tell you more, but there, you have my experience. Good luck, if you decide to go for it let us know how it goes for you, and post some pics.


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