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    Default Re: beginner surf questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I use 6' of 16-20# test mono with poppers and a three section leader for streamers. 40/25/16 #test mono.
    You want to keep the leader shorter than the rod. That way the line/leader connection is one less thing to worry about when landing a fish.

    As for sharks...

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    In this picture, I'm high-stick dead drifting a pair of streamers in the long shore current.
    Not something you could do with a sinking line.

    Gooooooooddddddd .... if I had that coming at me I'd be on my butt in 3 seconds flat (like on my back flat)

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    Default Re: beginner surf questions

    It's not bad when the wave breaks before it hits you Fred.
    It's when you're out further and a good roller catches you square in the groin.... then you know it.
    I swear that's what stripping baskets are really for. Covering up with an oversized cup.
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    Default Re: beginner surf questions

    Waves to the groin -- I gotta say, you SW surf guys are pretty tough .

    I'm going to experiment with your leader formula Rip (using the floating line) -- one of the problems I've had making my own is getting the occasional tangled loop mess when one of the knots catches part of the neighboring leader material....I hate it when that happens. I can't tell if it's due to twisting after many belgian-type casts, or just a crappy cast on my part.
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    Default Re: beginner surf questions

    On the left coast, a sinking line is essential. Most people typically use 200-300 grain Streamer Express - type lines for the surf.

    A floating line is nearly impossible to stay in touch with unless the water is very calm, which is rare on most beaches here. With a floating line, you would miss many fish out here.

    My go-to set up is a 9' 8wt. rod with a 300-grain Streamer Express line. I use about 4-6' of strait 8 or 10 lb. leader to the fly.

    I would use an intermediate line for baitfish patterns, but a heavier line for sand crab or small crustacean patterns.

    A stripping basket is also essential for managing your line. Otherwise, it is easy to get yourself tangled in your line with the surf action.

    The trick to locating fish is to look for eddies, rip currents and "nervous water." As Rip Tide stated, the moving currents are similar to a river. Look for the seams and rips for the best action.

    There are obviously different approaches to this, depending on location, surf conditions, and target species. I'm simply offering what works best out here.

    Small clousers in neutral colors are fantastic producers.

    Good luck out there.


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