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turbineblade 06-16-2013 06:29 AM

1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
HI -- thank you guys again for your advice on my last SW post. I finally went out and spend about 6 hours fishing this Saturday. I broke the tip off my 8 weight (:mad:) literally while loading the truck and had to use a 9' 5-weight rod, which worked out okay (better than I thought). The 8 -weight is still on warranty, but man I was ticked! I had a spool of 6 weight floating line (wf) and a 6 weight full sink line. Anyway, my observations:

1. My stripping basket needs modification: the bungee hooks tend to grab the line every once in a while, and I need more "fingers" in the bottom of the basket.

2. The stripping basket helps a LOT. So much that I can't see how you'd do it without one. Also, line shoots a lot better and I could even get a good cast into the wind with a 6 weight line using the basket.

3. The full sinking line was the best to cast (versus the floater) into the wind and got me down deep. There aren't "surf" waves on the Bay, so I didn't feel like using a floater and mending was needed to keep in touch, though I think I would have been happy with either line if need be.

4. SW fishing is a blast -- there's this feeling of "unknown" while you're out there that I don't get with small streams.

I casted in every direction -- parallel to sand, straight out, diagonally, etc. just to experiment and get a feel for it. No fish landed, but I did accidentally snag and bring in 4 horseshoe crabs. They were all over the place breeding like crazy. I plan to get my 8 weight rigged up again and go back out! ;)

innes 06-16-2013 06:43 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Sounds like fun. Hopefully one day I'll follow your lead and get my 8wt in the salt. How far is your fishing spot from Alexandria? Day trip? Thanks.

jimw 06-16-2013 06:44 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
What part of the bay? I am in Lewes and fish the bay often.

Rip Tide 06-16-2013 07:01 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Creeps me out when horseshore crabs are "mating" with my feet :eek:

turbineblade 06-16-2013 08:14 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Yeah Rip -- I hear you! I kept getting "bumped" by those suckers and it did kind of freak me out a bit. Plus, the water was still pretty stained from the storms, so your mind kind of wanders when something hits you ;).

Another observation: I didn't lose a single fly. This never happens in any other FW area I fish around here.

As for location -- Cape Henlopen S.P. (about 2 hr 45 min from Alexandria) has a huge fishing pier where a ton of folks bait fish at any given point. I was just wading all around it. I've heard the Indian River Inlet is good too....but I like the "protected" bay for my 1st attempt. Big water is something I need to build up to.

I have a few pics of me doing a big double haul with the little 5 weight absolutely loaded to the max, about to die out there. I need to upload them form the camera. :)

A couple of other guys were out there with these huge rake-looking things digging around for clams? I wasn't sure.

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OH, and I just rinsed all my rod/guides down in FW afterward....and also took off my spool and drenched my reel in FW. Hopefully this will avoid any major problems. Reel is a 7/8 Orvis Access reel (brand new). Seems pretty solid for a small amount of $. I use this on my 5 weight, and the cheap Okuma on the (broken) 8 weight. I'm not sure why.

mcnerney 06-16-2013 08:55 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Good report and glad you had a good time despite the rod tip issue. Hopefully that can get repaired in a timely manner.

Rip: Your comment, "Creeps me out when horseshore crabs are "mating" with my feet", reminded me of the first time Kelly took me to his "No Tellum Spring Creek". It was late summer and warm out so we were wet wading in lots of weed growth that came almost to the waters surface and the spring was releasing very small bubbles of air coming up from the bottom which felt like bugs or something crawling up the legs, very creepy feeling. I kept looking down to see what was crawling on my legs! :D

jimw 06-16-2013 09:20 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Hey turbine just a little info. Broadkill beach is a good spot right now High tide is the best time a 3" all white clouser or a pink over white size 2 is a good choice. Beach plum island is the name of the park go over the dune crossing and walk to the left. Look for the old partially submerged rock jetty. croakers, blues, flounder and sea trout have been fairly plentiful. There have also been several large cownose rays in the area. this area will be a lot less crowded especially on a week day. You may want to walk the area at low tide to get a better idea of the submerged jetties. the fish will usually be where the rocks meet the bottom. A 9wt is the rod of choice for most local fly rodders mainly to compensate for the wind but I use a 7wt when its not blowing to hard. An intermediate line is nice for the surf and if you go to Broadkill bring some bug spray if the wind is out of the south.

Good luck

Rip Tide 06-16-2013 09:28 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay

Originally Posted by turbineblade (Post 564692)
A couple of other guys were out there with these huge rake-looking things digging around for clams? I wasn't sure.

Maybe clams, more likely some kind of bait.
Where I fish I keep an eye open that. When the tide starts to rise and those guys pack it in, what they've stirred up is as good as chumming.

turbineblade 06-16-2013 10:23 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay
Awesome -- great advice for me.

Jim -- thank you very much for the tip! We (wife and I) plan to make more trips to fish SW when we get days off. I'll mark broadkill on my fishing map ;).

The full-sink line I was using this weekend was a little faster sink rate than I prefer, but it was all I had. I have an 8-weight (300gr) intermediate line (SA clear tip intermediate) coming in this week and intend to use it :). Once I get the rod replaced I should be set.

Rip -- another great tip from experience. I didn't consider bait-digging, but that might be it! When my wife say the guys digging, that was her exact reaction -- "hey, those guys are probably kicking up critters....let's fish by 'em ;)".

Oh, and for the floater I was using a leader of about 6 feet of 25 pound test, with about 18-24" of 10 pond mono tippet. I totally experienced how with the long butt section it turned over quite well in the wind. When I swapped to the full-sink I just used 3' of 10 pound mono. I think I can understand the benefit of having a fairly substantial butt section on the floater -- no more arguments from me on this. I think with the floater, the tapered leader worked better.

Rip -- I know you use a floater regularly -- do you use your same leader (45lb-25-16) with an intermediate line? Or do you like a shorter type leader like you'd use with a full sink?

Anyone else have a leader suggesting for an intermediate?

The winds were blowing NW between 10-20 while we hopefully this game me some practice for what is "normal" out there ;). anyway, both of us had a great time out there. I've never NOT caught a fish and had so much fun fishing I don't think. ;)

theboz 06-16-2013 10:33 AM

Re: 1st salt experience -- Delaware Bay

Originally Posted by Rip Tide (Post 564686)
Creeps me out when horseshore crabs are "mating" with my feet :eek:

You and me both! And it happens far to often in the sound usually when I'm wearing sandals instead of waders ! Yughhh!

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