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    Default Need help with Snook

    Hey everyone. I am heading to the Boynton Beach, Lake Worth Fl, area next may. I am going to bring along my 9 ft 8 Wt rod. Will this be enough gun for snook from the beach. Also anyone who might have a good imput on a decent walk in area near the west palm, lake worth boynton beachs for snook. This will be my first time trying to anything salt water. So please anyone with imput I welcome it. Thanks guys.

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    If you have never fished salt water, snook, probably is not the best thing to start with. I would suggest starting out with trout, ladyfish and a few small jacks to get your feet wet.

    8 weight probably the bare mininum and would possibly work while fishing the beach. Structure is the word that comes to mind when fishing for snook and for that most folks will be throwing 10's and 9's in an attempt to turn fish before it is too late. As you probably know the second a snook is hooked, he is looking to become unhooked and they usually do this by taking your line around some type of structure. But most beaches do not have structure so it probably would work out well.

    I have found the difference between salt/fresh is like night and day. If you do hook up with a nice sideliner you will never forget it.

    Good Luck,....

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    Mr. Mullet

    I did not see where to edit my post so I am adding on.

    Many of the snook caught in the SE area of FL are caught at night and many of those caught under dock lights. Snook, feed mostly at night and that is best bite for sure.

    I live about 100 miles north of your vacation spot and if I lived farther south I would help you out. I know of two very good guides that I could hook you up with should you be interested.

    Probably want to use a bite tippet anywhere from 20 to 40 Floracarbon. 20 will get you more bites, 40 more fish landed. But do not feel secure with the 40, snook easily can get through 50-60 in nothing doing. But you need to draw the line somewhere and 20 to 30 is what most folks use around my area.

    One more thing, if you could head to Sebestain Inlet one evening on the correct tide you would be at the Snook Capital of the World for one evening. Most all of those fish are taken on big spinning gear. But I know a few who pull them out on a fly while fishing from the south jetty.

    I, like you, enjoy the beach. Look for baitfish and birds, with that fish will be near by.
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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    I am looking to do more of a DIY thing. But will take any advice anyone can give. So thank you. I my 8wt is a little under gunned then I will most likely pursue other fish. What about the Intercoastal? Are there fish to pursue with a fly there? But seriously I do thank you for your inputs.

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    Arrow Re: Need help with Snook

    My answer hear goes for most of Florida.
    "Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    Maybe the east coast beach is different than the gulfcoast where I am. I have fished the beach for snook in Miami and it was identical to Englewood. Barren structure-less sand. Perfect for light tackle. I'm out every morning this time of year, mostly with a 6 wt. and I never feel outgunned. I think an 8 wt. will be fine. Of all the snook I've caught, none have ever been more than 4 ft. from the shore, most in the trough right at the water break line.

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    What sort of flies do I need to bring? And hook size. Are there salt water only hooks that I need to buy to tie on or will pretty much anything work?

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    Saltwater hooks are preferred, fresh water hooks will rust, after a day or so. Snook are odd fish, one day they will take a #8 cockroach fly and the next the will hit a 3/0 bait fish pattern, on the beach that is.
    "Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    My only success with snook where in the canals around structure. The can be incredibly spooky, splat a cast and they are gone. Florida has so many sweet gamefish that I would hate the idea to limit myself to just one. Reds and trout are so much fun it would be a shame to miss out on them. Good luck and have fun!

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    Quote Originally Posted by grouch View Post
    limit myself to just one
    I think about casting to snook at least every 30 minutes per day. I have lived in probably the 3rd best fishing estuary in Florida for my whole life. Caught almost every fish you can think of more times than I can remember. I get out a few times a month in my flats skiff, and the only fish I target is the Snook. I pole over 25 red fish and 50 trout on my way to where the snook are, without a cast. Snook are smart, trying, skittish, not the hardest running and not as numerous as most other gamefish in the salt. It is a strange relationship and I explained it the best I could in such a short passage.

    I don't however recommend focusing on them for your first experiences, however when you do get your first one you will understand my snook fever.
    "Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham

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    Default Re: Need help with Snook

    It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I don't see any problem with targeting snook for your first time in salt. My family and in-laws have lived in the Sarasota/Sanibel area my entire life, and if I were to take a friend out who'd never fly fished salt before, I'd take him to the beach to hunt snook in the surf rather than throw blind casts all day at "easier" fish. Sight fishing snook will show you everything you're doing right, and wrong, faster than anything I can think of. You see the take, the refusal, and how accurate or inaccurate your casts are.

    An 8wt will be fine w/ a floating line. It will help you out if you do encounter structure, and if not, you may find it useful in the wind. My advice is to stay out of the water, and bring polarized sunglasses. Look for fish in the trough close to shore. When you cast to them, don't try to intersect them - you're limiting your chances of the fish seeing your fly. Cast to fish who are swimming towards you along the shoreline, and cast in front of them by a yard or so. That way, as soon as you start retrieving, your fly becomes a "fleeing" baitfish, not a "suicidal" baitfish. If I had one fly to bring, it'd be a white Crystal Schminnow. Likewise, the snook on Sanibel cruise the beaches at all hours of the day, but to make things easier on yourself, go out in the morning and evening when it's cooler and look for birds diving in the surf.

    Anyway, I hope you catch fish whatever you end up doing. It's hard to beat beach snook fishing.

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