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    Default surf fishing running line preferences

    I have been using a integrated shooting head line for a number of years when fishing the surf.

    I am thinking about going back to using a running line and heads in order to change my lines up quicker.

    In the past, I used a number of different types of running lines for surf fishing. The running lines I used each had pros and cons.

    I was wondering what running lines people are using and the pros and cons of the lines.

  2. Default Re: surf fishing running line preferences

    I'm using Zpey fusion 0.28 coated running line. It tangles a bit, but It's great for my seatrout fishing. If you want a mono line then I've heard good things about Zpey zpeed running line. Personally I don't like mono running line since it's so hard to grip and slip in my hands.

    For shooting heads i can recommend Zpey Unique, I have one in an 8wt (18gram) for my Sage TCX 9' 7wt. It works flawless.

    I know that I have only recommended one brand, but they seriously make great lines. A bit pricy, but I love them.


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    Default Re: surf fishing running line preferences

    I use the Froghair running line whenever possible. It tends to coil but far less than the Rio and you can't beat it for distance.
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