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  1. Default TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    Hello all, new to the forum.

    I am looking to get an 8-9 weight salt setup in the fall. I have been fly fishing for about 2 years now, always freshwater in the past. I live in Texas and recently discovered inshore fishing on the flats! My cousin owns a boat and goes down to the coast pretty often so I have a built in fishing buddy.

    Anyhow, I consider myself still a novice caster, I can handle the basic cast and roll cast, I've also started double hauling in the back yard but don't have it perfected yet.

    I'm looking for a rod to use on the flats, fishing for reds/trout mainly. I doubt I would do any blue water fishing. I was pretty well set on the BVK in an 8 or 9 weight but then I saw they came out with the new Mangrove series that is specifically designed for the flats.

    Any thoughts on which rod and whether to get an 8 or 9 weight? I am planning to match it with an Orvis Helios reel. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Both are the same price, cast them both and then decide. Out of the two, I went with the Mangrove.


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    Default Re: TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    The BVK weighs 3.2 and the Mangrove 4.1. Notice also the graph TFO puts next to each rod. The Mangrove graph indicates it is stronger in the lifting column.
    Now..haven't casted the mangrove..but own a 8 weight BVK and it is about the sweetest casting 8 weight I've ever held.
    The increased lifting...and the increased weight...indicate to me it has a bigger
    Butt, which is exactly why I hated the TICR.

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    Default Re: TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    The BVK is a nice casting rod and is light too. I owned a 8 and 9, the only complaint I had was that they seemed to break easier than other rods that I have. Never did see the Mangrove rod but maybe a little tougher than the BVK.

    Capt. Jesse
    HI Tide Fly Fishing Hawaii Bonefish Guide and Peacock Bass Guide

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    I ended up getting a Mangrove 9wt. A lot of praise on the web and locally. It's going to be a bit more durable than the BVK and a little less demanding. It was designed for big salt fish and a guide rod that anyone at any skill level can use effectively. It is smooth but can still punch into the wind with some power.

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    I pointed up a couple of my fishing buddies with TFO BVK #9. Their skill ranged from novice to tragic. They all manage to get what they need out of it. In fact the novice caught his first fish on fly on it a great GT and then back it up with some queenfish and golden trevally. It is a great rod and a good price point.

    I have no experience, nor know anyone, with a Mangrove. Sound great, would love to cast one side by side with a couple of the rods I own.

    As suggested go cast both and see which one fits into your future the best.


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    Default Re: TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    Cast both and see what works best for you.

    I started with the 8wt bvk and it did the job but when I casted the mangrove I immediately traded in the bvk. I got the 6 and 8 wt mangroves I was so impressed.

    For me it was a better rod. Its made for very accurate casting

    You can tell the quality improvements even in the two hoops that screw upwards to secure the reel (not sure what theyre called)

    As for what size I think it depends on what you are targeting. I got the 8wt as it was standard for saltwater fishing but dont know enough to say get one over the other. I can tell you the mangrove is pretty stout and I would not shy away one bit from a upper slot red with it.

    Good luck with your decision

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    Default Re: TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    Go to There was a review on the Mangrove. Tom Jindra who is a TFO rep in LA posted his comments.

    I have not cast the Mangrove, but have cast the BVK. It is light, but did not seem to have the backbone I was looking for. As some have mentioned the BVK does have a tendancy to break. You might want to go to and look at the "presentation, power and lifting charts" for both rods. I go to the Florida Gulf Coast once a year and fish in the bay and in the gulf. If I was needing a new rod between the two I would go with the Mangrove. In fact I hope to cast one while I am there in Oct.


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    Also the grip is small on the Mangrove which I don't mind but some might not like it.

    I like how they built in the fly holder into the metal part of the grip. The rings on the cork indicate the weight.

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    Default Re: TFO BVK or Mangrove?

    I had a 7wt BVK & 8wt BVK and fished a lot with both. Caught a good number of redfish and bass with both.

    Sold both on the classifieds here. I had no faith they wouldn't break come time to really stress a rod. Both have a very tight window of good casting distance. Neither did well in the 20'-45' range when needing pin point accuracy. However both could chunk a line. So if you are casting 45' feet all the time they are good rods but I'd wouldn't use them to horse a bass out of cover.

    We now have 6, 7, & 8wt Mangroves and absolutely love them. First we can't afford $500++ rods. It's me and my two "car door slamming" sons. So am always looking for best value out there. Car doors have "eaten" a number of rods through the years.

    We do lots of wade fishing often with winds of 10-20mph. So casting is a full gamut of distances. We don't have some pro poling us, we're wading/slopping all fishing trip. Often we require finesse with close casts at reds or distance when cover water blind casting.

    To me the Mangrove just fits the multi distance scheme better. they are not "slow" rods but also are NOT fast taper spinning rods with fly guides (my opinion of many of the "name" "fast" rods out there).

    I've only used the 6wt a few time but like it a lot.

    Here's some action photos of Thomas with his 8wt and my 7wt & that days lunch.

    Pete A.

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