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    About 3 weeks ago i asked for info on FF the surf. I got a lot of good advise. It was the first time i fished the salt with Fly rod.I went were the locals go , and got a lot of practice casting, i mean a lot. But on the third day it all paid off. I cougth a small snapper blue. It was like the first trout you ever caugth, it felt great. sounds like your ahead allready.Fishing under light is not cheating, it's smart.

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    Thank You all so much for the replies.
    Trying to learn to read water has been akin to a blind man spending trying to tie flies. I've casted many a clouser to death and had zero to show for it but Ive just been to lazy to get up in the mornings, i fish the evenings and nights pretty frequently and have finally pinpointed a good spot to hit Jacks on the rising tide. Overseas playing at GI Joe for the moment but will be back in town in a few months with plans for mosquito lagoon all the way up to Bushkill, PA for my first attempt at honest trout. Anyone in the Savannah area around April feel free to send a PM. Thanks again.

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    Be safe over there and get back stateside as soon as you can. I was blind at the beach for quite a while before I was able to spot where the fish were and start to have successful days. Sometimes, the structure holding fish is hidden and gives clues in subtle ways.

    It only gets better from this point. Keep at it.

    ....Just one more cast...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
    or at night. Me, I'm a bit of an insomniac so I tend to stay up till 5 in the morning rather than getting up at that ungodly hour,

    Me too! my vampire friend! Night time is the right time!

    Up here I've found the outgoing tide to be the best when you wade with a fly rod. In the darkness, the fish feed very close to shore ..... even if no structure at all?

    Another week of this crazy cold, and I'll be standing at the shoreline after midnight with my 8 wt in hand! I always see a few vampires and werewolf's when I fish in remote areas?

    I love to fly fish with the "children of the night"

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