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  1. Default Hello from new user... S. Andros?

    Hello. I am new to the forum. Live in Charlotte, NC but spend summers on Cape Cod fishing for stripers. Also fish the streams in NC mountains whenever I get the chance.

    Has anyone here fished South Andros recently? I am heading to Bair's Lodge on S. Andros next week and wonder if anyone can give me any skinny on best places to fish. I know the guides will take me where they think the fish are, but if there is some place you think I must go, let me know.

    Went to AIBC last year and fished in the Northern Bight, around Yellow Cay and made it to the West Side one day. Had a great time there, but with so many places to fish I wanted to go somewhere new.

    When in S. Andros, is it worth it to go to West Side or will there be plenty of fishing without the need for the long ride there and back?

    Also, any recommended flies for S. Andros?


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    Default Re: Hello from new user... S. Andros?

    Welcome to the group!

    Wish I could give advice on the bonefishing in Andros from experience, but I haven't had the time or money to get there yet. I would guess you'll want a 8wt most of the time, a 6 or 7 if the wind's down, and a great reel on both since they run like greyhounds. Last I knew, Gotcha's and Bonefish Bitters are the fly of choice, or you could just buy this and be well set up- Umpqua Bonefish Selection

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks Cliff.

    Nice site y'all have here.

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    Default Re: Hello from new user... S. Andros?

    I 've never been to Andros but I have been to Long Island last Nov.. We either used small pink puffs or gotcha's & had very few refusals from cruising fish on the flats. This was my first bonefish trip & it was great. Bring a 8 wt with a good reel like Cliff says, because they run like a freight train when they feel the hook & it's always windy. When a fish did refuse the fly I just went 1sz. smaller & that seemed to work .I was down to my last sz 8 pink puff by the end of the week

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    Thanks 50.

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    Default Re: Hello from new user... S. Andros?

    Hi hsmith1313,

    Welcome to the forum. I will be looking for some pictures with big stripers in them.

    You need to PM Bonefish41. He fishes Andros and may be able to help you.


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    Thanks Frank. I'll try to get you some striper pictures this spring/summer and maybe some big bones from Andros next week.

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