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    I'm thinking about getting a 7 wt rod. It would be great if I could use it for steelhead and occasional bones (i have a sage xi as well). With the windy conditions common in tropical settings, is 9'6" or 10' just too long? I know it's not ideal, but guys do use 9 ft-plus, is it worthy trying?

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    If you're on the flats its fine. If you're using it in a creek for snook and reds a ten foot might be a bit much. That said I just bought a nine and a half foot Orvis eight weight and love it. And I'm considerting an eleven foot switch for areas where my back cast is restricted, but I wouldn't consider an over head cast with that rig if there was a mangrove within a hundred yards.
    Bonefish are a very occasional thing for me, I live about a hundred miles too far north for them, but I throw a lot of the same flies on the flats for reds. I will say this. You're going to be throwing small but heavy flies. In the creeks I use a fast six weight. Out on the flats I used a ten weight which was overkill. Its why I bought the eight. But a six was too light for turning a fly over in the wind. I'd think about an eight rather than a seven. But just call some keys fly shops, World Wide Sports man Islamorada is a place to start. Like wise some of the guides. They can probaly give you the info you need. I will say that a lot of the guides use Redingtons, good enough and won't break the bank. You can do better, but I'd look at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutterpunk View Post
    use it for steelhead and occasional bones
    Yes! The longer rod is a better choice for steelhead and will work for bones. If you were wanting a rod primarily for bones but occasionally steelhead, I would recommend the 9'. A 7wt is ideal for this. My first choice,
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