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  1. Default Galveston in November?

    Hey y'all. I'm heading down to Galveston TX for a week in mid-November and will have some time for DIY flyrod wading. I'm mostly a freshwater trout bum these days, but I also put time in on NY/NJ/CT beaches and flats for stripers, blues and albies, and bonefish in Belize, the Keys, and the Bahamas, so I'm not helpless (matter of opinion, I guess) or asking anyone to burn any spots, but I sure would appreciate a point in the right direction. I'm taking an 8 wt, a box of clousers, shrimp and crab patterns, and poppers, and just looking for suggestions on where to park without getting towed, where to wade in without trespassing, and where I have a chance to find some bait showers, tailing fish, birds working, or just some fishy looking water. Much appreciated!

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    Try "the lagoon" at east of island. Can be some great red fishing there. However caution about stingrays. Anywhere on Texas coast where there are gamefish so shall there be sting rays.

    Galveston State Park can be outstanding at times for reds, trout and flounders.

    Even in November rattlesnakes can also be active so careful where you step. Bring lots of insect repellent as the Mosquitos can at times bite through waders (not really).

    Water is seldom real clear so for me bigger and brighter seems to get better results. However if fish aren't there is really doesn't matter. Also no need for light tippets, 15#is light enough.

    If your schedule allows fish the rising or falling tides. For me high or low tides are seldom productive.

    Good luck,

    Pete A.

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    Thanks, Pete, I'll give those areas a try on some moving tides, and will definitely heed your warning about stingrays, rattlers, and skeeters. Is there any action along the beaches at low-light/night? We do a lot of that Fall fishing up here in the northeast, but the gulf is different. Thanks again, and tight lines.

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    Beach/surf is a low percentage spot for flyfishing. We have a shallow gulf and often the water is turbid from the strong southeast winds. At times if the right conditions one can do well but I would only go there unless conditions are near perfect.

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    That makes good sense. We have much deep water and structure right in the surf up here, and big tides to push the bait around in the wash. Totally different game than the gulf. Of course, up here our salt gamefish are migratory not resident, which makes for short, intense seasons and big yawning summer and winter gaps in the action. Looking forward to giving Galveston a try, and really appreciate your pointing me in the right direction.

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    Just to follow up: I found some good fishing in GISP. It took some work, but I was on fish, including double-digit reds, two of the three times I got out, with the middle time a fool's errand in cold and nearly gale force winds. I used a lot of caution walking and wading, and managed to avoid ratllers and stingrays, but not the skeeters, which literally rival those of Alaska. Maybe it's just me, but I found those skinny water reds to be spooky, not like bonefish but not gimmies, either. There are some monster flounder back there, too. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to doing it again someday. Thanks again for the help, Pete.

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    Default Re: Galveston in November?

    Glad you had fun, yes we do take pride in our mosquito crop!!! At times they are so bad they'll bite through your wallet. I don't see how the Indians made it on Galveston Island

    We're going out in the morning near Palacios, full moon and morning falling tide should give good result. Winds have picked up heavily so ought to make casting fun. I often go to a intermediate line as it bucks the wind better.

    Pete A.

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    Oh yeah, those mosquitos are world class indeed. Had my hat soaked in DEET, but still had to put my buff and sungloves on to keep from being bled out. As to wind, I don't ever worry about that...except to always keep it off of my right shoulder. Hope the skeeters are thin, and the fish are thick, for you tomorrow. Tight lines.

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