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Thread: Black Friday Fishing

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    Default Black Friday Fishing

    Now this is the way to spend Black Friday.
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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    Default Re: Black Friday Fishing

    Ok, I'm jealous. It's in the mid 30's in Chicago area and most small ponds are iced over.

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    Default Re: Black Friday Fishing


    That's sweet! Nothing like some tropical fun with a nice size bonefish the day after Thanksgiving.

    A tip for you, when you post an image, there is a 100x150 or something like that within the link you post. That's the size of the image that will show up in the post. Sometimes it defaults to a thumbnail size like your pic did. If you want the image to be larger, type in 600x475 or something like that. It will make it a nice sized image for people to enjoy in your post.


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    Default Re: Black Friday Fishing

    Nice. It's reassuring to see someone on the water wetting a line on Black Friday instead of elbowing shoppers aside to get a "bargain" at the mall.


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