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    Default Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Hello, and thanks to all the Forum members! I have been lurking on this saltwater forum for a couple of months now and would like to express my sincere thank you to all of you who through your generous postings have already helped me learn so much and fuel my interest in this type of fly fishing. I have searched any number of topics on the forum and I must say that am just delighted and amazed with how much great advice and knowedge I have discovered.

    I am a long-time fly fisherman here Colorado, but being somewhat lazy by nature, I would dare say I am honestly no more than an intermediate level fly fisherman. That being said, I am somewhat daunted by how much knowedge and skill I will need to acquire in casting (I had never even considered learning how to double-haul prior to lurking the Forum), not to mention knots, tides, leaders, reading the beach, etc., etc. I have been able to acquire the books by Lou Tabory and Lefty Kreh thanks to suggestions from the Forum members. I am reading them both in the evenings. My wife, well she can't believe how suddenly all I think and talk about is this salt water fly fishing... I can predict this may become an obessive addiction ! Oh well.

    I can see my retirement approaching in a couple short years AND... it looks like I will be able to fulfill a long-cherished dream of becoming a "snowbird" and spending the winter months at the beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. (I mean who doesn't love a tropical beach --gives the women an excuse to go 'round mostly naked ). Seems from my quick research like there are probaly Snook and Roosterfish right there in the surf. Just saying.

    It goes without saying that I have a ton of questions, but i'll save those for another day !

    No longer lurking,

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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Sounds like a great retirement plan, congrats! I've never done any SW fly fishing, so I'm sure there is a ton to learn, good luck.


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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Lurk no more, and we don't think any less of you for it. Lurker!
    Seriously, salt water fishing is as easy as trout fishing for the most part. Here I'm talking inshore, off shore is a whole different game. Fish want structure, food and want to be where the current brings them food. Figure out what they eat, where they can find protection, like a deep cha˝nel or a mangrove bank, and when the best time for a fish to be there is, and you've solved half the puzzle. Its no different from looking at a Colorado river. At first it all seems the same. But when you understand trout, you know where they will be.
    I can tell you saltwater is easy. You just need to go six weight and up, be good throwing sixty feet and be willing to see your reel as something more than a line holder. Beyond that, its no different than what you're used to.

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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    It's always good when someone comes forth and posts like this While lurking is perfectly cool, when we have more active voices in the conversations it is just cooler.

    Welcome to the group,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    to the forum Kingfish....been retired for a few monthsit's great!!!

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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Guys, thanks for the warm welcome !


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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Kingfish are always welcome.

    And much more docile when laying on their backs. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Welcome to the forum kingfish! You have a plan that will make most fly fishers green with envy. I know I am! And costa rica has way more than snook and pez gallo. In fact, I'd probably end up just staying there. Costa Rica is a paradise of both pacific and Atlantic. So you have pacific species like roosters and Atlantic species like tarpon.
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    Default Re: Please allow me to introduce myself..and say Thanks!

    Thanks again for the very warm welcome, guys !

    Wow ! now that is some Kingfish, Jim - even when belly-up. BTW, a very cool looking dude in that snapshot too !

    I have heard tell there may be a few fish over on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica as well, so eventually I may be forced to go check that out... just saying.


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