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    Default Re: Any recommendations on where to buy SW flies on line

    Thanks, guys for all the input. I've looked around for some tying equipment and quickly found that the vise is the most expensive part - which I sorta knew anyway. I can buy a AA real cheap to give it a shot but also found a Griffin vise and a Anvil vise that seem like good quality vices w/o breaking the bank... I just hate to buy junk, but I may decide to get the AA and see for myself how much I like tying.

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    Default Re: Any recommendations on where to buy SW flies on line

    EBay,,, to answer your origional question about where to buy saltwater flies online. Tight lines.
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    The best site bar none is Discount Flies, Fly Fishing Gear, Supplies and Equipment If I am going on a trip I buy 80 % from these guys and then buy 20% at the "local" shop. The quality is awesome, they ship quick and are super friendly.

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    Default Re: Any recommendations on where to buy SW flies on line

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerard View Post
    Given SW flies are some of the easiest flies to tie, particularly given their size I would really recommend giving it a try.
    Look on YouTube and you'll see how easy a Clouser is to tie. Great fun in the winter nights and there is nothing better catching a fish on a fly you tied. Clompletes the circle.

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    I second that. The first fly I tied was a deceiver. super easy. you tube was my teacher. It is very easy and quite relaxing to tie. In a matter of weeks I had hundreds of flies and then gave most away because I had too many LOL!

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    Default Re: Any recommendations on where to buy SW flies on line

    This may be a bit late for the OP's question, but may perhaps help someone else with a similar situation.

    If you're spending good money to take a trip, particularly some place where flies & gear may be hard to come by. Take the very best you can afford. If you don't tie your own, or your tying experience is limited, you'll want to have good flies that won't fall apart the first couple of casts.

    I'll agree that generally salt type flies are not difficult to tie, but some styles & patterns need to be tied correctly to get the full potential. Just as an example, a Tarpon or Billfish fly that fouls constantly is worthless as you may only get limited opportunities to cast to a fish.

    After you've spent a small fortune taking a fishing trip, you don't to blow it because you skimped on the flies. There are far too many other things that can go wrong to ruin a fishing a trip.

    I have no affiliation with the following sites other than having visited them many times. Henry Cowen is a well known fly tier & guide. He has some superb patterns that can fit a wide variety of destinations & species. Henry is also a wonderful person who willingly shares his knowledge. Henry is one of Umpqua's contract fly tiers/designers. has an extensive list of flies to cover any aspect of saltwater fishing. Very good quality flies, but the prices will not be cheap. Their prices are pretty much inline with many fly shops or the better custom tiers.

    It's also a excellent site if you want to tie your own, as most of their flies are pictured & they have some pattern recipes for many.

    Lessons in Virginia - saltwater fly tying and fly casting Capt. Chris Newsome guides in the area of the lower Chesapeake Bay. I'm not sure if he sells flies, but he has some awesome patterns. Most are very unique & again will work for many species.
    The link to his site goes to his "lessons" page with gives excellent information on a variety of subjects & includes his fly patterns. Chris is also a great guy who freely shares his knowledge.

    Home of Dan Blanton's Fly Fishing Forum and Bulletin Board/Message Board - A valuable international resource for all! Another excellent source for saltwater information. Dan Blanton is known around the world. Dan is also one of Umpqua's contract tiers.
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    Default Re: Any recommendations on where to buy SW flies on line

    also, when you find some folks on-line who tie be sure to find someone who will actually change colors around for you or even go a little less sparse with the material if you need it and even upgrade hooks, maybe triple wrap the head for a better sink rate ,,

    If i order flys online they need to be true custom with my favorite hooks and slight changes in the patterns that work for me,,,, otherwise I would just order from a reputable store like the Bears Den where the flys are already tied by popular tiers you just order the qty you want.
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