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  1. Default Proper Inshore Line?

    So I mostly fish the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast for speckled trout and redfish. I plan on getting an 8wt TFO BVK and Allen Kraken 3 but I'm not sure which line I should use. The water is usually less than 10 feet deep. What line would be ideal? The only thing I've ever used is a WFF on my 5wt for trout, redeye, and small spots. I'd also like to use my 8wt in the lakes and rivers of Alabama for largemouth and stripers. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    I fish an intermediate most of the time but a sink tip or full sinking line is also good to have.I fish a floater the least but I do use it now and then.You are probably going to end up owning several lines but I would start off with the intermediate first.

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