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  1. Default Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

    Back in the 'Santa Brought for Christmas' thread I mentioned that my fiancee had booked me a trip to NOLA to go and fish for reds in the marsh.

    The day rolled round last month and we drove from Houston to New Orleans, the plan was to make a bit of a weekend of it before the fishing. The weekend was great and the hotel in the french quarter was perfect. However the weather forecast for Monday (the booked day) sucked really bad, after speaking to the guide we decided to reschedule for the following day, where the weather was predicted to be spot on, although that would entail a long drive back to Houston on Tuesday evening after fishing all day.

    Come Monday and the weather was as bad as expected, my fiancee drove back to Houston as she had to be at work, leaving me to explore a bit in the rain. Later that day the fishing manager from the Orivs store in Houston drove to town to join me, always nicer to share a boat with someone, my nerves can't stand being on the bow of the boat all day!

    Here's some photos of the day, the guide put us on loads of good fish, with Adam catching several reds to 26#. My reds were in the higher teens but i did land a 28# black drum. Finishing the day off with a double hook up was awesome and the adrenaline was still pumping when we arrived back in Houston later that night.

    No sight fishing opportunities that day!

    Hooking up early in the day, eases the pressure Especially after hooking the guide

    First Redfish

    More Redfish action

    Mr Black Drum not pleased with the outcome

    Double hook up to end the day.

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    Default Re: Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

    Those are some awesome fish! I hope you released the guide back unharmed after hooking him
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    Default Re: Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

    Love this one!!
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    Default Re: Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

    Love these trip reports when we are sitting inside dealing with old man winter. Congrats, that looks like an awesome trip! You have a keeper for a fiancee.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
    Those are some awesome fish! I hope you released the guide back unharmed after hooking him
    Released, not sure about unharmed

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    Awesome trip! Were you fishing out of the Hopedale Area?

    Last June we fished there. Our Guide was really cool. Every morning we ate breakfast at a small local diner. On the second morning, another guide joined us with his client. Our guide and the other guide's client knew each other, and the guides stepped out to "check their set-ups), leaving us alone with the other fellow. He quickly informed us that our guide was "grouchy" and had a wicked temper. The guides returned, we finished and paid the tab, and proceeded on to the marina.

    Our guide began to laugh almost as soon as we got in the vehicle. He told us that the other guy (the client) had fished with him a few weeks prior to us, and that he was the worst caster he ever saw. And even worse he didn't wait for the guide to position the boat for a shot at the fish. After being hooked 3 times in the first hour and whacked by the hook a half-dozen more times, he called it a day, returned to shore, and refunded the guy his money (which I thought was pretty classy).

    We began fishing, and about 2 hours into it, our guide gets a phone call. It was from the guide we met that morning. He was not happy, as he was on shore, on his way to the doctor to get a 1/0 hook removed from his neck! He was pretty miffed at our guide for not warning him! Seems that last "hook-up" was the fourth of the morning. The rest were all easily removable I guess.

    I think being a guide would have to qualify as a hazardous job!

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    Default Re: Louisiana Redfish Trip Report

    Very cool. I got in on some of that action a few weeks ago but our weather sucked and we couldn't reschedule. Looks like y'all had a blast. I have talked to Adam a few times in the Westheimer store and he seems like a blast to fish with. I have fished and tied flies with Marcos who used to be at that store and he is a hoot to fish with and hang around.

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    I have fished NOLA a couple of times a year for the last 15 years. The last being in January 2014. Like your trip the forecast was sketchy at best, calling for 90% cloud cover. My guide told me I would be able to see them in the dark. I have fished with him in all kinds of weather including 25knt+- wind but always with sunshine. I was unsure about sight fishing without the sun but he convinced me to go and we fished two days. The first it blew 15-20 and we caught about 20 fish up to 20lbs. It was fairly difficult fishing but we made the best of a tough conditions. The second day the wind lay down and we caught 50+ reds up to 25lbs with most in the 18lb range. The fishing was so good I climbed up on the platform and poled my guide around for a while so he could get in on the bite. I learned that you can see the fish clearly even in total cloud cover if the wind is down, the water is shallow, and the fish are big.

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