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  1. Default Ascension Bay May 3-10

    Hi All, looking for anyone wanting to split a day guided on Ascention Bay.
    I will be staying in PDC April 26-May 3 and Tulum May 3-10.
    Will be doing the DIY thing also.
    Anyone interested?

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    Default Re: Ascension Bay May 3-10

    I just got back on Sunday. Stayed in Punta Allen then Tulum. I'm already starting to plan a trip back but not until next winter.

    The road south from Tulum to Punta Allen is REALLY BAD. Caught some fish near the Boca Pila Bridge and lagoon flat just north of Punta Allen. Mantis shrimp flies were the best for me, and a white and tan clouser in the surf.
    Used a guide named Victor out of Boca Pila Lodge. The guy taught me a lot but, was a little rough on me when i blew a shot. The DIY stuff was very cool but the guided trip put me in way way more fish.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the info. Does anyone fish Campeche lagoon?
    When you fished out of Boca Paila Lodge, did they take you into the lagoons or out into the saltwater bay/

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    Default Re: Ascension Bay May 3-10

    I'm not familiar with Campeche lagoon. We fished the lagoon side. Most of the day was spent towards the north side of the lagoon. There was a strong north wind that had the water pretty muddy. The charged $450. Seems like most of the lodges have the guides tied up. Seen a lot of the other guides working the east side of the lagoon. It may be possible to hike cross country to get in there. There were limited non private trails coming in from the rd.

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